The U.S. government recently opened an investigation into dozens of major American colleges—from big-name, Ivy League Universities to small private schools—examining how they handled, or mishandled, reports of sexual assaults on campus. The task force is an indication of how widespread sexual violence has become at universities around the country. Even Christian schools haven’t been immune to the epidemic. The conservative Bob Jones University recently came under fire for allegations of improperly responding to reports of rape from student victims. Read More

According to a disturbing new Education Department survey, even has overall crime rates fell on campuses around the country, the number of sex offenses rose by an astounding 51% in the last decade. In 2011, there were 3,330 “forcible sex offenses” reported at colleges across the country; in 2001, that number was 2,200. Notably, crimes in every other category—from burglary to car theft—fell. In April, the Education Department began an investigation of 55 universities, examining how they handle—or mishandle—sexual assaults that are reported on their campuses ... Discuss

Perfect Strangers

A resident director shares his experience on dealing with—and avoiding—roommate disasters. Read More