Everything about this Sesame Street retelling of the story of the "3 Little Pigs"—from the southern charm of Frank Underwolf, the breaking of the fourth wall, the D.C.-style buildings and even on-screen text messages—makes for the perfect House of Cards send-up. Enjoy, the dramatic tale of corruption and power, House of Bricks ... Discuss

Colbeard is coming to The Mindy Project. Though there are not a lot of details available yet about Stephen Colbert’s upcoming role in the plot of the sitcom, Mindy Kaling teased the appearance, posting this image on Twitter and simply stating, “Coming soon to #themindyproject: Father Michael O'Donnell.” It’s good to see him staying busy before he takes over for David Letterman on The Late Show this fall ... Discuss

Since Steven Colbert ended The Colbert Report in preparation for his takeover of The Late Show, he's been laying low, shunning interviews and generally just enjoying some well-deserved time with his family. But he emerged from his self-imposed exile to take home an Oscar Wilde Award, and he has done so wearing a magnificent beard, as befits as man of wisdom and virtue. Audiences have spent a long time getting used to "Stephen Colbert," the absurdly conservative blowhard, and don't know much about Stephen Colbert, the absurdly intelligent satirist. Just what that means is something we'll find out once Colbert actually comes into his own this fall but, for now, we know that Colbert has a #Colbeard, and that's somehow reassuring ... Discuss

It's 2015, and it's a great year for women in pop culture. The Ghostbusters are women. The Avengers are women. In fact, women—who experts believe make up somewhere around half of the human race—are now taking the lead role in a staggering FIFTEEN PERCENT of all movies! You go, girls.

But that's not enough for thenextmacgyver.com, which has plans to reboot MacGyver as a woman. All they need to do so is your help. They're asking people to pitch their idea for a female MacGyver on their website. From the submissions, they'll pick five winners to win five thousand dollars and the opportunity to work with a Hollywood exec on developing their character for a pilot. So, all you need is a character idea, a pilot synopsis, a wrist watch, a matchbook, a motor from an old lawnmower, five feet of copper cable, an umbrell—sorry, we got a little off track there. Maybe just go to the website itself to submit your idea for what the website calls “the first great show starring an iconic female engineer character.” Although, as AVClub notes, the actual first great show starring a iconic female engineer has already been made, and it was perfect ... Discuss

HBO has released a teaser for the documentary Going Clear, a film that was called an “utterly devastating exposé” by Uproxx’s Mike Ryan, who saw it screened at Sundance. The film is so revealing, that the network told Variety that it had hired a team of more than 160 lawyers to look at it. Going Clear premiers on March 29 ... Discuss

Earlier this week, a clip of The Weather Channel’s Jim Cantore going bonkers after catching “thundersnow” on camera, nearly broke the Internet. The man’s raw enthusiasm for a weather phenomenon was so infectious, that it was only a matter of time before the YouTube wizards Schmoyoho turned it into an epic autotuned anthem ... Discuss