Nick Offerman is one of the better interviewees in Hollywood right now (we should know) and yesterday, he conducted one of Reddit's generally entertaining Ask Me Anythings, in which celebrities field questions from Redditors. He offered his thoughts on the best whittling knife ("The knife matters little, it's the user that makes the shavings") and what he would do if a bear saw him ("a bear does not see me, due to my stealth"). One Redditor was curious about whether Offerman prefers his Parks & Rec costar Chris Pratt's old fluffy self or the new, superhero six-packed Chris Pratt from Guardians in the Galaxy, and Offerman responded with the flair and eloquence that has become his trademark:

Christopher Pratt is one the most beautiful creations of Mother Nature's that I have countenanced in my lifetime. Whether the bear is lean from the winter or fattened by sweet summer berries and springtime salmon, it makes me no never mind in the love I bear for him. He's still a magnificent beast.

It's the sort of thing that would make Ron Swanson cry, if Ron Swanson was the crying sort ... Discuss

NBC has released a few clips from their upcoming stop-motion animated take on the Will Ferrell Christmas favorite Elf, Buddy’s Musical Christmas. As this scene indicates, the primetime special (which airs on Tuesday) follows a similar premise revolving around an earnest, elf man-child who is unable to distinguish reality from fantasy. This time around, Jim Parsons provides the voice for Buddy, and is joined by a few other notable names, including Kate Micucci (of Garfunkel and Oates fame), Jay Leno, Gilbert Gottfried and Fred Armisen. Tread lightly Parsons, you’re messing with a holiday classic here ... Discuss

The cable network A&E will air a new reality show built on a pretty intriguing premise. According to EW, 8 Minutes features “a pastor (who is a former vice police officer), “surprising escorts in hotel rooms and offering to rescue them from a life of trading sex for cash. In each episode, Brown has eight minutes to make his case.” But, his ministry, in which he and his church set up the covert meetings to stage interventions with local sex workers, had been going on before reality TV producers came calling. Executive producer Tom Forman told EW, “Brown told his congregation that for 20 years he’s had to arrest these women when what he’s really wanted to do is help them. It launched a drive within his church to run these undercover operations. We read that and thought somebody should put a camera on this, it’s the most incredible thing I’ve ever heard” ... Discuss

Fargo became one of current TV's better shows in one quietly powerful, darkly comedic season, and all eyes are on it for how it plans on leveraging its strong debut into a second season. It's off on the right foot, heavily courting Nick Offerman for a leading role, but today word leaked that they've secured two well-loved actors. The first is Kirsten Dunst, who's been a little quiet since her Spider-Man days, but certainly remains one of her generation's brighter talents. The other is Jesse Plemmons, who cut his teeth in pivotal roles on both Friday Night Lights and Breaking Bad. Other than that, little is known about the upcoming season, other than it will be a significant departure from the story in season one, a la American Horror Story ... Discuss

Last night, President Obama appeared on Comedy Central’s Colbert Report, not only sitting down for an interview with the satirical conservative persona, but also taking over hosting duties for Colbert’s “The Word” commentary segment. Though his “Word” sound-off was primarily focused on his health care reform legislation, during their frequently fascinating Q&A, Colbert took the president to task on a variety of issues—of course, with his signature tongue-in-cheek faux outrage.

He asked zingers, for example: referencing Obama's controversial executive action on immigration reform, “Why did you burn the Constitution and become an emperor?" Discussing the President’s hesitancy to support the Keystone XL pipeline—a move the audience made their views quite clear about—Colbert said “The American people want it. It's going to create jobs. The State Department says it's not going to raise the pollution in the atmosphere. You're going to sign that, right?" Colbert even referred to the President as “Barackus Maximus” at one point. No matter what you think about his politics, it’s hard to deny that President Obama’s sense of humor—and his ability to be a good sport in the face of some criticism—made for some pretty entertaining television ... Discuss

The screenwriter behind the Superman franchise reboot Man of Steel will produce a new TV series for SyFy exploring the origins of the iconic comic book hero. According to The Hollywood Reporter, David Goyer’s Krypton “follows the Man of Steel’s grandfather as he brings hope and equality to Krypton, turning a planet in disarray into one worthy of giving birth to the greatest Super Hero ever known” years before the Superman story begins.

As Uproxx notes, the show draws obvious comparisons to Fox’s Batman series Gotham, but considering it takes place on a distant planet with alien beings, it could demand a pretty sizable budget. SyFy isn’t the only cable network developing a new prime-time show based on a DC Comics origin story: TNT is currently at work on Titans, a show based on a group of young superheroes, including Dick Grayson (Nightwing), who form their own crime-fighting coalition ... Discuss