Recently, Olympic legend Usain Bolt stopped by The Late Late Show, and decided to show off just how fast he is. Bolt took to the CBS parking lot to race host James Corden, actor Owen Wilson and the entire staff of the comedy show, most of whom, were clearly unprepared to take on an Olympian.

The end result isn’t exactly surprising, but Corden’s deadpan approach to attempting such a brave feat makes the whole thing worth watching. Discuss

Got 300 hours to spare? The cable network FXX has announced that it will air all 600 episodes of The Simpsons starting on Thanksgiving Day. The 300-hour marathon will run through Dec. 4. Back in 2014, the network set a new world record for the longest TV marathon, airing 552 episodes over the course of 12 days. The series 600th episode airs on Oct. 19 on Fox. Discuss

One of Saturday Night Live’s newest cast members has found herself in a controversy over some of her old tweets.

Earlier this month, the show announced that Melissa Villaseñor would be joining the show, making her the first Latina cast member. Just before the announcement though, Villaseñor changed her Twitter account to private and deleted about 2,000 tweets dating back six years. It turns out, she’s said some pretty offensive and racist stuff. (If you want to read them, Buzzfeed has collected some with the help of writer Aura Bogado.)

As Bogado explained in an interview with Buzzfeed, some of the tweets aren’t even really jokes, just racist statements. As of now, neither Villaseñor or SNL have issued any sort of statement about the tweets. Discuss

It’s happening. During an interview on The Today Show this morning, actor Jeffrey Tambor—the Bluth family patriarch himself—revealed that a new season of Arrested Development is finally happening, and production kicks off soon. Al Roker asked Tambor if there was any updates to rumors that a new season was in the works, and Tambor said, “My marching orders are to go to work [in] January.”

It isn’t a huge revelation, as show creator Mitch Hurwitz has previously said he was at work on new season, at one point, saying he hoped to have it done by November of this year. Though that’s not happening, it does appear that more AD is in officially on the way. Discuss

You may have seen James Corden trending on Facebook since yesterday. The Late Late Show host is the star of a new ad for Apple Music, that is evidently, extremely polarizing. (Come on! We thought it was funny!)

Apparently, some people have very strong feelings about it. Here are a few headlines: “Apple can do better than this lame ad with James Corden”; “James Corden Pitches Delightfully Terrible Ad Ideas to Apple Music in This Meta Spot”; “James Corden's Apple Music Ad Is So Bad, I'm Cancelling My Subscription”; “With James Corden in the mix, Apple just released one of its funniest ads of all-time

Why is this goofy spot sparking some crazy opinions? Are we missing something here? You be the judge. Great or terrible? Discuss

Just days after GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump was a guest on The Tonight Show, Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton made her own appearance alongside Jimmy Fallon. Though there was no hair tousling this time, both had some fun making light-hearted jabs at each other.

When the interview started, Fallon made light of Clinton’s recent health issues and pneumonia diagnosis, donning a surgical mask and using hand sanitizer.

And Clinton, made fun of Jimmy Fallon’s now infamous interview with Trump, in which some critics said he ask Trump too many softball questions. Clinton came bearing a gift: a bag of actual softballs.

You can watch the whole interview on his YouTube channel. Discuss