Fox’s new primetime lineup may soon look a lot like its old schedule. The network has confirmed that it is exploring the possibility of bringing back two hit series, The X-Files and 24. At a Television Critics Association event this weekend, network reps said they are currently in talks with David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson—who played agents Mulder and Scully in the original X-Files—to reboot the beloved sci-fi series.

In an interview with reporters, Fox Television Group Chairman-CEO Dana Walden said the network could also be bringing back 24, with or without Jack Bauer. Last spring, Fox aired a special, 12-episode mini-season called 24: Live Another Day, four years after the show went off the air. But, following Live Another Day, Kiefer Sutherland, who plays the aging intelligence agent, said he wasn’t interested in returning to the show. Walden explained, “Potentially, he won't be in this installment. If the storytelling is exciting enough, the real-time element—that show really owned that clock—so many production elements are unique to that show. I look at everyone who surrounded Kiefer in the last installment, and I think it could work” ... Discuss

The same company behind popular board games including Settlers of Catan have turned their attention to a new, epic contest of cunning, strategy and fantasy conquest: Ben Wyatt’s Cones of Dunshire. The insanely elaborate game was created by Parks and Recreation’s favorite auditor in season six of the show, and has served as a somewhat significant plot device on the sitcom. Now, Parks and Rec fans can own their own copy for the small price of $500, via this Kickstarter campaign. If you’ve seen Ben’s original, homemade version of the game, then you’ll understand why it’s so expensive. As Polygon notes, the pieces and playing surface are so huge that they might have to be shipped in a giant wooden crate. On the Kickstarter page, Mayfair Games explains,

Is the whole thing a joke? … Yes and no, but mostly no All along, this game has represented the ridiculousness of Ben Wyatt’s vision of a game … This Deluxe version of the game is as close to the on-screen version of the game that you see in season six of Parks and Recreation as we can manage (and for us to be comfortable about the playability of it) … This is designed for a select group of people that want the large-scale souvenir of the show and the game, and is not aimed at casual game fans.

Happy pledging everyone, and remember, it’s about the cones ... Discuss

It was only a matter of time before some Internet genius edited clips of the sitcom classic Boy Meets World into a mashup trailer for Richard Linklater’s acclaimed film Boyhood. Shot over the course of 7 years, the stirring Boyhood Meets World tells the emotional story of young Cory Matthews and his gripping journey toward manhood and TGIF immortality ... Discuss

For fans who didn’t love Netflix’s non-sequential fourth season of Arrested Development, Ron Howard has some good news for you. The producer/narrator of the beloved sitcom took to Twitter and posted an image of a recording booth with the message “Back recording new narration for #ArrestedDevelopment re-cut season 4 episodes. Hilarious new stuff :-)” The fourth season reboot of Arrested Development garnered mixed reviews from fans and critics for its experimental format that told individual character stories, all during the same period of time. The re-cut is essentially them admitting that in attempting to upend the show’s original style, they made a huge mistake. There’s no word yet on when Netflix will start streaming Season 4 2.0 ... Discuss

Just months after FXX set a new record with the longest TV marathon in history with their 12 straight days of The Simpsons, VH1 Classic will break it. Starting on Jan. 28, for the 19 days leading up to the show’s 40th anniversary special on NBC, the cable network will air four decades worth of Saturday Night Live. Unfortunately, because of issues securing music rights and licensing for songs dating back to 1975, the 433-hour broadcast won’t include every episode ever recorded. The marathon will also have a few “breaks” along the way: On the Saturday nights over the course of the 19 days, the network will take three hours to air movies starring SNL personalities including Black Sheep, The Blues Brothers and Macgruber. Just go ahead and clear your calendar for the month of February ... Discuss

Last night, the final season of Parks and Recreation premiered on NBC, and just in time to commemorate the seven glorious seasons, Gibson (the maker of some of the world’s best guitars) sent Chris Pratt the ultimate gift: A custom guitar personalized for the lead singer of Pawnee rock outfit Mouse Rat. The acoustic guitar, which will be used to perform stirring hits like "5,000 Candles in the Wind," features the name of frontman Andy Dwyer boldly emblazoned on the neck. It’s one of the world’s only instruments truly worthy of playing the anthem of inspiration, “Catch Your Dreams” ... Discuss