Well this could be awkward. Just a week after it was announced that Stephen Colbert will be taking over as host of The Late Show when David Letterman retires after 30+ years on the air, the two will chat face to face. Colbert will be a guest on the Late Show on Tuesday, where he will likely discuss his plans to redecorate and overhaul everything Letterman spend decades carefully building ... Discuss


YouTuber Adam The Woo recently visited the abandoned—and pretty creepy—set of the early ‘90s Nickelodeon live action comedy Hey Dude. The viral video personality, who makes videos of himself finding weird pop-culture locales, explores the dilapidated dude ranch that now sits in the Arizona desert, slowing succumbing to the elements. You can watch the 7-minute clip of him wandering around the set here. He better watch out for those man-eating jackrabbits, and that killer cacti ... Discuss

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If you watch Mad Men, you're familiar with their baffling, context-free "Next Week On" promos that close out every episode. And while the Simpsons may not be the sharp cultural satire staple it once was, it at least knew how to put together this 30-second promo making fun of Mad Men’s much-hyped (and very serious) comeback. Can’t you just feel the dramatic tension rising? ... Discuss

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