The Return of Rob Bell

Can the polarizing author and former pastor make the jump to TV?

What do you get when you combine musical theater, Doctor Who and Sherlock? A recipe for the geekiest—and most glorious—viral video you’ll see today. The music-loving YouTubers AVbyte have created this clip of what a musical featuring both The Doctor and Sherlock himself would look like, and the results are expectedly entertaining ... Discuss


It’s true that Shark Week—Discovery Channel’s annual ode to shark-themed programming—likely jumped the shark last year with its fake Megalodon documentary, but at least this year, their not hiding the fact they’ve sold out. The network has teamed with Dunkin’ Donuts (because, why not?), to release this Shark Week-themed donut that slightly resembles a life preserver. As Adweek points out, “The partnership extends to the Dunkin' logo on the Shark Week page, too—it's mostly the same, except it's had a bite taken out of it, and the slogan at the bottom reads, ‘Shark Week runs on Dunkin'’ (rather than ‘America runs on Dunkin’’).” Get it? Get it?!

Also, because, you know, the kids are really into this social media thing, they’re launching a 'Take a Bite, Take a Pic,' campaign, and will share some of the Twitter images of people eating the donuts during Shark After Dark. In case you forgot, Shark After Dark is a program in which people who know nothing about sharks, discuss unfounded theories about sharks, because Shark Week is terrible now ... Discuss


Whatever your take on Keith Olbermann, he is capable of some of the best, most clear-headed rants in the business. In this blistering, brutal takedown, Olbermann compares the NFL's offensively pathetic two game suspension of Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice for viciously assaulting his wife with its five-game suspension of the Dallas Cowboys's Albert Haynesworth for an on-field stomp. It's sexist, it's sickening and Olbermann handles it well. Take note, NFL ... Discuss


What’s the deal with Seinfeld not being on Netflix? Well, just in case you are in need of one more show to spend countless hours repeat binge watching, one of the greatest sitcoms of all-time may soon be finally headed to the streaming outlet. During a Reddit AMA session yesterday, Jerry Seinfeld said this to a fan who asked if the show would ever be available on Netflix: "You are a very smart and progressive person. These conversations are presently taking place." Obviously, “conversations” doesn’t mean that a deal is a sure-thing, but just the prospect of being able to watch all 180 episodes back-to-back is enough to get our hopes up ... Discuss


Today is 'Batman Day', honoring the 75th anniversary since the Batman first caped crusaded into the national conscience. In that time, he's been a grim defender, a campy comic, a smiling "put-'er-there-old-chum" mentor, a shadowy vigilante, a dark knight and a box office bonanza. But in all that time, he's rarely been what he started out as: a pulp hero. Bruce Timm—the genius behind the landmark Batman: The Animated Series recently returned to craft a new animated short from Batman's earliest "Lost Days" featuring an egg head villain in Hugo Strange, a menacing henchman, a damsel in distress—the whole Golden Age thing. He even snagged B:TAS voice actor Kevin Conroy to return for a brief line. Happy birthday, Batman ... Discuss


This one sounds like it could be interesting. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Office star Ed Helms is in talks to star alongside Hilary Swank and Ed Harris in a TV drama about a family of financially struggling organic farmers. The One Percent is being directed by its co-creator Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu, the filmmaker behind movies including Babel and 21 Grams. The series is currently being shopped around to networks and streaming providers ... Discuss