The Return of Rob Bell

Can the polarizing author and former pastor make the jump to TV?

Today is 'Batman Day', honoring the 75th anniversary since the Batman first caped crusaded into the national conscience. In that time, he's been a grim defender, a campy comic, a smiling "put-'er-there-old-chum" mentor, a shadowy vigilante, a dark knight and a box office bonanza. But in all that time, he's rarely been what he started out as: a pulp hero. Bruce Timm—the genius behind the landmark Batman: The Animated Series recently returned to craft a new animated short from Batman's earliest "Lost Days" featuring an egg head villain in Hugo Strange, a menacing henchman, a damsel in distress—the whole Golden Age thing. He even snagged B:TAS voice actor Kevin Conroy to return for a brief line. Happy birthday, Batman ... Discuss


This one sounds like it could be interesting. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Office star Ed Helms is in talks to star alongside Hilary Swank and Ed Harris in a TV drama about a family of financially struggling organic farmers. The One Percent is being directed by its co-creator Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu, the filmmaker behind movies including Babel and 21 Grams. The series is currently being shopped around to networks and streaming providers ... Discuss


The cable network FXX shelled out three quarters of a billion for the rights to The Simpsons last year, and they’ve got some big plans for the iconic series. Earlier this year, the network announced that they would be airing a 12-day marathon featuring all 522 episodes in August, and now, they’ve revealed what the online component will look like. And the “Simpsons World” app and website sounds amazing. According to a press release, in addition to being able to watch every episode on-demand, fans can organize custom playlists, view an “exhaustive episode guide that can be opened up to run parallel to the episode” and, most importantly, find their favorite Simpsons jokes and share them on social media. Simpson World launches in October, and your world will never be the same again ... Discuss


The team behind the app tvtag recently held an online vote, asking users to help them decide which TV character they should send into space. It shouldn’t be a surprise that Heisenberg himself beat out the stars of The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones to receive the prestigious honor. Using what appears to be a weather balloon, the guys sent a bobble head of TV’s greatest anti-hero into the edges of space. The entire journey lasted six hours, and in the end, Walt White traveled more than 250 miles before crashing in the desert. You can see the surprisingly mesmerizing video below ... Discuss


Here’s the latest teaser for Fox’s upcoming series Gotham, that serves as a prequel to Batman lore. Along with the young Commissioner Gordon, the clip hints at the collection of young villains viewers are also in for this season including Catwoman, The Penguin, and possibly the Joker and Riddler ... Discuss