Netflix is going all-in with its Marvel franchises. At San Diego Comic Con this week, the streaming network not only show teasers for the new season of Jessica Jones and the first season of Luke Cage, but also announced that its hit Daredevil would be returning for a third season.

The streaming provider has big plans for the shows. In addition to creating another show based on Jon Bernthal’s Punisher—who appears in Daredevil—Netflix is also bringing the Hells Kitchen heroes (along with Iron Fist), together, for their own super-team in another series, called The Defenders.

You’ll soon have a lot of binge watching to do. Discuss

Netflix has figured out a way to make their service even more addictive. The streaming content provider has just launched a new feature called “Flixtape,” which allows you to create, find and share custom playlists, you know, like an old fashion mixtape.

As they explain,

Flixtape is a short playlist of Netflix titles based around a theme, a mood, or message. It’s like a mixtape, but for Netflix.

Though Netflix automatically populates the playlists with titles that “capture the vibe you want” and “the feeling you’re trying to capture,” users can still edit the list with some custom choices. Finally, something to do when the "Pokemon Go" servers get overcrowded. Discuss

Jon Stewart's election-year coverage will be back sooner than we expected.

Stewart will join Stephen Colbert on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Monday, according to Vulture.

They will cover the upcoming Republican National Convention, but it hasn't been announced what role Stewart will play in the broadcast or even if he will be in the studio. This episode will be part of two weeks of live coverage of the parties' national conventions.

Regardless of his role, we're just happy to see Stewart back on our screens in an election cycle. Discuss

Yesterday, actor Bryan Cranston appeared on The Rich Eisen Show, a daily radio show hosted by one of NFL Networks' personalities. Cranston was there, in part, to promote his new movie, The Infiltrator. But, of course, their conversation went straight to Breaking Bad. While Cranston told Eisen that he thinks Breaking Bad ended just about as perfectly as possible—he compared it to the end of a great meal—he also made a pretty exciting statement. If asked, says Cranston, he would reprise his role as Walter White on the Breaking Bad prequel-spinoff Better Call Saul. Check it out (about minute 1:33):


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A new TV series is taking on the weird world of Scientology. According to The Underground Bunker—a website that specializes in breaking news about the controversial Church of Scientology—actress Leah Remini is currently making a new TV show about how Scientology destroys families.

Remini famously left the church in 2013 after spending most of her life as a Scientologist, and wrote an explosive tell-all last fall called Troublemaker about her time with the group. The new series reportedly focuses on the practice of “disconnection” in which officials persuade members of the church to cut ties with family and friends who are critical of the church.

Since the release of her book, Scientology officials have called her a “bitter ex-Scientologist” who is “exploiting her former religion,” though, she is not alone in exposing concerning actions by the group's leadership.

The HBO documentary Going Clear, which featured interviews with former celebrities and members of Scientology, won an Emmy for Best Documentary for showing the treatment of former members and the harassment they faced after leaving.

There’s no word yet on what network will air Remini’s new show or when it will premiere. Discuss