Two weeks ago, we posted that a reboot of the classic TGIF sitcom Full House was in the works. Now Deadline is reporting this interesting development: Evidently, Netflix is interested. The show, which would reunite most of the original cast, is still in development, but if Netflix has shown us anything, it’s that they’re not afraid to bring a beloved show back from the dead ... Discuss

Tebow time is now first thing in the morning. The Heisman winner and former NFL quarterback is officially joining the crew of ABC’s Good Morning America. Tebow served as a guest host on the show before the Super Bowl, but, according to The Hollywood Reporter, in his new role, he’ll launch “GMA's ‘Motivate Me Monday’ series, which spotlights individuals and their stories of triumph.” Tebow’s new morning show career kicks off on Sept. 15 ... Discuss

In retrospect, it's weird that it took Netflix this long to get Gilmore Girls, as the show's got one of the most rabid fan bases out there. Come to think of it, the people most excited about this news probably already have every episode memorized. Nevertheless, if you're a fan, you're probably excited. If you've never seen it, this is a good opportunity to see what all the fuss is about. And if you're not a fan, well, perhaps Netflix has something else to offer you. Look around ... Discuss

Chris Pratt—who has quickly attained that Jennifer Lawrence status of being one of those celebrities you just know would be your best friend if you got the chance—will be hosting the SNL season premiere on September 27. He'll be joined by musical guest Ariana Grande, who has quickly become one of those celebrities who you feel like you're supposed to know about even though you're not sure why. It's a good move on SNL's part. Pratt is a bonafide big deal, and his goofy older brother-vibe will suit the show well. That said, it's been a stormy off-season for SNL, which has seen new cast members abruptly cut and also saw the tragic loss of legendary SNL announcer Don Pardo. Can Chris Pratt save SNL Well, he's saved the galaxy, Legoland and Pawnee so far this year. This should be a breeze ... Discuss

Few of Tom Cruise's big action movies have aged as well as Steven Spielberg's Minority Report, in which Cruise tried to solve murders before they happened and also used computers with hand motion-operated interfaces that had better hit the market soon. Paramount knows that they've got a hit on their hands, so they just sold a TV show based on the film to Fox. Supposedly, the show will take place a few years after the events in the movie, and will follow one of the pre-cogs (mutant-like people who can predict murders) trying to adjust to normal life. Will she also use those awesome computers? If not, why is Fox even bothering? Only time will tell ... Discuss

It's already looking like it's going to be a doozy of a week, and the only way to get through it is to bear down and take each challenge thoughtfully and prayerfully, with optimism and determination. And watching this Ducktales intro recreated with real ducks certainly won't hurt ... Discuss