According to a new study from researchers in Sweden, watching boring TV shows may be bad for your diet. The team from Uppsala University studied a group of women as they watched “engaging comedies” as well as boring televised lectures. The results showed that watching boring stuff on TV actually causes you to eat 52% more. From TIME: “The study authors conclude that it’s the level of excitement in our TV shows that may determine the amount we chow—not the act of watching (or reading) itself.” The team produced similar results when subjects were asked to read something boring, though the snack intake percentage wasn’t as dramatic. We’re just going to say it: Downton Abbey is causing you to overeat ... Discuss


Early this morning, Carson Daly and Mindy Kaling announced the nominees for this year's Emmy Awards. That makes plenty of sense, by itself. Two well-liked stars who are good at talking do some talking, because we all have to put food on the table somehow. But Mindy Kaling was given the surprise acting job of a lifetime: Not acting disappointed that she was unexpectedly snubbed for "Best Comedy Actress" while on live television. She handled it like a pro, and was even more chill about it on Twitter (unlike Daly, who couldn't resist a little fist pump when he read that his The Voice scored a nomination). Well, don't get too cocky, Carson. Only one of you has ever been on the cover of a certain magazine about faith and pop culture ... Discuss


Ah, the Emmys. It's a great show if you're the sort of person who enjoys watching stars congratulate each other on doing a great job. To be fair, we're living in a great time for television, so those awards might be a little more deserved this year than others. Game of Thrones leads the pack, with a total of 19 nominations, including Best Drama. In a surprise move, FX's new hit Fargo scored 18 noms and campy gorefest American Horror Story: Coven scored 17.

The story to watch is Breaking Bad and True Detective, two shows about good guys going bad, bad guys going good, and women—well, women not doing a whole lot of anything. In any case, they were the year's most critically beloved shows. Both scored nods for Best Drama and Best Actor (Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson will actually compete against each other.) Another big story is Netflix's attempt to muscle in on the action, with acting nods for both Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright (House of Cards) and a Best Comedy nom for Orange Is the New Black. That begs the question of whether or not OITNB is a comedy or not, but the Emmy voters may not be the right ones to ask. Both Parks & Rec and Community were shut out in the Best Comedy category, though Veep, Louie, Big Bang Theory and Modern Family were all nominated.

You can see the whole list here ... Discuss


For those tragically not in the know, Homestar Runner and his band of misfits are the godfather of the Internet's brand of non sequitur video comedy. Created by Matt Chapman on Flash, the series became a viral cultural phenomenon before Facebook and Twitter were around to help content become viral. Homestar Runner had to become popular the old-fashioned way: By being really funny.

The site hadn't been updated in a few years, until a surprise video back in April sent the Internet into a tizzy. And now, Chapman says that a real rebirth is in the works. "We did that thing as sort of a test to get back into doing it. We'd love to start making things again," Chapman told the Jeff Rubin Jeff Rubin Show podcast, confirming that Strong Bad emails are in the works. "It depends on how whole-hog we go, if we give Strong Bad a Twitter or Strong Sad a Tumblr." (The idea of a Strong Sad Tumblr is almost too good to be true) ... Discuss


Twice this week, apparently false rumors about beloved stars leaving iconic shows were started and then dispersed by studios. Today, Glee's Chris Colfer—one of the show's few remaining original cast members—announced over Twitter that he had been fired from the show's final season. Or, so everyone thought. 20th Century Fox stepped in to say that Colfer's Twitter had been hacked and such talk "could not be further from the truth."

Earlier this week, Game of Thrones's Emilia Clarke—who, like Colfer, is one of the few people to have survived the past few seasons of her famously dangerous show—was rumored to be leaving the role of Khaleesi to someone else next season. But HBO said the rumors are "absolutely untrue." In this case, the rumor was started by something called The Sunday Times Daily, which writes fake news stories because that is some people's idea of humor ... Discuss


Before Christian Bale. Before George Clooney. Before Kilmer, Keaton and even the animated series' Kevin Conroy, there was Adam West. It was a different time, and it was a different story, but it was the same Batman—booms, pows, bams and all. And now, after a surprisingly long delay, all 120 episodes of the famously campy '60s television show are getting a Blu Ray release, with gobs of extra bat-goodies. It'll be releasing in November of this year (update your Christmas list, bat-heads), so consider it a palate cleanser for Zach Snyder's upcoming Batman movie, which certainly can't be any more ludicrous than this show. Right? Right? ... Discuss