GoDaddy's advertising has always thrived on getting people riled up and catering to the lowest common denominator, but it seems they've finally taken it too far. Their planned Super Bowl ad was called "Journey Home," and featured a lost puppy making his way back to his owners, only to be met with the news that he has been sold (on a site his owners made on GoDaddy, of course.) The ad raises more questions than answers. Like, why did his owners use GoDaddy when they could have just posted on Craigslist? And, how are they getting wifi out in that barn? And, did anyone in the marketing department actually think this was funny?

A lot of people definitely did not think it was funny. A petition to pull the ad has over 40,000 signatures, saying it's cruel to animals and encourages irresponsible treatment of dogs. GoDaddy finally caved to pressure and will play a different ad this Sunday, and released a statement apologizing for the ad and informing us that the puppy in the ad, Buddy, has been adopted by a GoDaddy employee. So, everybody wins. Congratulations on your new family, Buddy ... Discuss

Sadly, there are only a precious few new episodes of Parks and Rec left before the show goes the way of Lil Sebastian. To get you ready for a brand new episode this evening, NBC has released a new clip, showing Ron and Leslie joining forces for a truly worthy cause: saving JJ’s Diner ... Discuss

DC continues to expand its reach into television with the CW's Arrow and The Flash and Fox's Gotham. Now, they're headed to CBS with a Supergirl pilot, and lo and behold, we've got an actress. Melissa Benoist, who got her break on Glee and has a role on this year's Oscar dark horse Whiplash, will be the lead in what is certainly sounding like a very high profile show. Like in the comics, Supergirl is Superman's little cousin, but whether Benoist will be involved in any of her big cousin's huge budget movies remains to be seen. In any case, welcome to the ever growing world of actors who play superheroes, Melissa Benoist ... Discuss

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is written and produced by Tina Fey, stars Ellie Kemper and features a plot so delightful it's hard to believe nobody else thought of it first. In other words, it's your new favorite Netflix show. Our first look at it just dropped and if you like it, you don't have too long to wait for it. The season will debut on Netflix on March 6 ... Discuss

Netflix has some ambitious plans for its future programming. At an industry event this week, the streaming provider’s chief content officer Ted Sarandos said that their goal is to release about 20 new, scripted original shows every single year. But, don’t expect all of the offerings to be high-minded dramas like their hits Orange Is the New Black or House of Cards. Sarandos explained, “We really are not trying to define the brand by any one show.” Let the binge-watching commence ... Discuss

Rob Lowe (Parks & Rec), Jenna Fischer (The Office) and Megan Mullally (Tammy Two on Parks & Rec and the real-life Mrs. Nick Offerman) are set to star in a very interesting-sounding new miniseries headed to Sky 1 this year and NBC sometime after that. It's called Apocalypse Slough, and it follows a group of friends who learn that a giant, life-destroying asteroid is on a collision course with earth. That sounds pretty depressing or at least like a show better suited to Bruce Willis than Pam from The Office, but the show is being called a "witty epic" and it certainly has the right cast if it's looking for droll humor. Lowe will play a Vatican employee called "The Devil's Advocate"—a person tasked with finding reasons to not elect candidates to sainthood, which is a position that actually existed until 1983. Fischer will play a librarian who is out of jail after serving a sentence for a crime she didn't commit. Mullally will play a street smart white supremacist. Stay tuned ... Discuss