It’s the most wonderful time of the year: Advent is in full swing, Christmas is coming, we’ll all be gathering regularly with family and friends.

And also there’s a bunch of new movies, shows and documentaries on Netflix. There’s a lot there, so we tried to narrow the list for you. Here are seven movies (and shows) now on Netflix we think you should know about: Read More

Well, basic human interactions are about to plummet significantly.

Netflix just announced that they are launching an offline playback option, so binge-watchers everywhere no longer have to wait to for wifi to indulge in hours of Stranger Things. Now, we all can finally watch our favorite shows on a airplanes, subways—or heck, even while you drive. (Only kidding about that last one. Please don’t do that.)

And what could possibly be better than watching whatever you want whenever you want? Netflix knows. The movie streaming service is offering their new addition for no additional cost.

They also announced that some Netflix originals are already available to download. So, say goodbye to productivity and all of the people you may know and say hello to the future. Discuss

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Traveling to be with your family? Have the day off in the lead up to the holiday? Just looking for a little Wednesday night binge watching? Here’s your friendly reminder that there are 10 Friends Thanksgiving episodes on Netflix, ready for your seasonal enjoyment.

Like a lot of great sitcoms, Friends knew how to put their mark on a holiday every year. The Office had Christmas; Modern Family has Halloween, but Friends owned turkey day. There’s a lot of debate out there as to which one was the best, but we’re going to go with season’s 3 “The One with the Football,” mainly because it got the gang out of the apartment or the coffee shop.

But don’t take our word for it. They are all on Netflix for you to decide for yourself. Discuss

OK, so the mannequin challenge thing is getting a little played out at this point, but, at least this one from Saturday Night Live has a surprise, self-aware ending. Also, on a side note, it will be great to see Kritsen Wiig back on the show this week. Discuss