Netflix has released a first look at its upcoming season of Gilmore Girls, and, if this trailer is any indication, it will have everything you loved about the series: sentimental reflection, relational drama and, oh yeah, dry, weird humor. The new season drops on Nov. 25. Discuss

The best segment of The Late Late Show will now become a stand-alone TV show, available exclusively to subscribers of Apple Music. However, even though the format will basically be the same—celebrities driving around in a car, singing songs and joking around—current host James Corden won’t be on the show. Instead, the series will feature the same format, but with a new, yet-to-be announced DJ behind the wheel.

Apple Music may seem like a strange fit for the series, but Apple’s Eddy Cue explained to The Hollywood Reporter that they are open to hosting video content that fits with Apple Music’s overall brand. He told THR,

We’re not in the business of trying to create TV shows. If we see it being complementary to the things we’re doing at Apple Music or if we see it being something that’s innovative on our platform, we may help them and guide them and make suggestions. But we’re not trying to compete with Netflix or compete with Comcast.

Carpool Karaoke isn’t the only commuting-based singing show in the works. Spike TV will air a new show called Caraoke Showdown, in which Craig Robinson drives random people around a car as they compete in a singing competition. Discuss

There’s already a lot of bad movies on Netflix, but at least now, there will be a show that’s dedicated to making fun of cinema’s worst creations. After Mystery Science Theater 3000 creator Joel Hodgson raised more than $7 million on Kickstarter to bring back the beloved ‘90s comedy series, Netflix has announced that it will be home to a new version of the show, which stars prisoners onboard a spacecraft, who bide their time by watching terrible movies, making jokes the whole time.

The series provides a lot to be excited about. Along with adding Patton Oswalt to the cast, Community’s Joel McHale and Dan Harmon are helping to write the new series. There’s no word yet on a release date. Discuss

One of the hosts of the talk show The Preachers has responded to a controversy after he seemed to endorse open marriage during a segment featuring actress Mo’Nique and her husband. The couple was being interviewed by Lakewood Church associate pastor John Gray and Jamal Harrison Bryant of Baltimore’s Empowerment Temple AME Church, when they brought up their open marriage—essentially, they allow each other to sleep with other people.

In response, Bryant, who is divorced, said “I think that's amazing,” adding “A lot of people think that is novel and y'all 'church people' are going to have a heart attack. I believed in open marriage, I just forgot to tell my ex-wife about it.” He followed with it question a about how do they “find that balance” biblically.

Gray, went on to say that in his household, an open relationship would lead to a “100% divorce rate.”

The clip, and the conversation, ended up drawing criticism online from viewers, who saw Bryant’s response as sending an unclear message about open marriage.

In response (the clip starts about 2:20), Bryant address “all of [his] haters,” saying that he made “a jest, a joke about open marriages.” Addressing his own mother, who he said also questioned his statement, Bryant said, “Please know, that I still believe that marriage is between two people … While I believe in that, I'm grateful to have the opportunity to have conversations with people who don't share my beliefs, don’t share my faith, don’t share my theology. ”

You can see the full response below.


Oh, man. This had so much potential.

Nickelodeon has debuted a first look at their upcoming TV-movie based on the classic ‘90s game show Legends of the Hidden Temple, and, we’re going to be honest: We are not impressed.

Look, we get it, Nickelodeon is a children’s network, but, with such a huge built-in audience of nostalgic millennials who were raised on the show, it would seem like they’d at least make an effort to keep the tone somewhat self-aware. There are plenty of examples of movies that remain kid-friendly, family flicks, while still being smart enough to appeal to grown ups.

But, come on, Nickelodeon. Lame special effects? Corny jokes? Fall Out Boy?! You’ve failed us. At least original host Kirk Fogg is back, but still, the Green Monkeys deserve better than this. Discuss