Erwiana Sulistyaningsih stood in an airport in mid-2014 with a bruised face, arms covered with storied scars.

A migrant worker from Indonesia, Sulistyaningsih had been working as a maid in upscale Hong Kong and had suffered abuse and neglect in her position. For months, she was given only a small amount of rice and bread to eat. Her sleep was limited to only a few hours a day. She was eventually abandoned and left, unable to walk, with threats against her family should she ever talk. Read More

I remember too well the day I quit my non-Christian friends.

I was just 17, a senior, cheerleader, and popular at school, and my youth pastor preached a sermon on 1 Corinthians 15:33: “Bad company corrupts good character.” Here Paul is rebuking the people of Corinth for being influenced by those who taught bad doctrine—specifically those who were claiming the resurrection of Christ did not take place.

But my pastor took this verse and used it to warn us, impressionable teenagers, of choosing the right (and not choosing the wrong) friends. Read More

The Irony of Christian Celebrity

Have we made being famous for Jesus into an idol? Read More

Are Millennials Fit to Lead?

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