What’s the deal with Seinfeld not being on Netflix? Well, just in case you are in need of one more show to spend countless hours repeat binge watching, one of the greatest sitcoms of all-time may soon be finally headed to the streaming outlet. During a Reddit AMA session yesterday, Jerry Seinfeld said this to a fan who asked if the show would ever be available on Netflix: "You are a very smart and progressive person. These conversations are presently taking place." Obviously, “conversations” doesn’t mean that a deal is a sure-thing, but just the prospect of being able to watch all 180 episodes back-to-back is enough to get our hopes up ... Discuss

Imagine getting paid to lay in bed and binge watch Netflix all day. If you live in the U.K. and are currently looking for a new job, that dream may soon be a reality. The streaming programming provider is looking for a new “tagger,” whose job it will be to watch movies and TV shows from home—full time—and “describe them using objective tags." Netflix relies on a sophisticated tagging system to make all of those handy recommendations, and hey, somebody’s got to do the actual work of creating the tags. Even if you don’t live in the U.K. (where the lucky new Netflix employee must be), you can send your application here anyways, because if there was ever a job worth moving for, this is it ... Discuss

Good news fans of brilliant deduction and Benedict Cumberbatch. Today, Netflix is adding season three of the BBC’s widely popular detective series Sherlock, along with a few hours of behind-the-scenes specials. If you just got done re-watching the last episodes of Breaking Bad to see if you totally misread the ending (like Bryan Cranston recently suggested), you now have something else to watch ... Discuss

We’ve all been there. After a long day at work you end up spending most of your evening just browsing the endless options of movies and TV shows on Netflix only to settle for watching a re-run of some sitcom you’ve already seen. Now, Netflix Roulette is here to help. Just “Spin” the digital dial, and Netflix Roulette will randomly make a suggestion from the archive. And, it knows some really deep cuts. (On our first try it recommended an ‘80s Danish movie called Flying Devils: “In this offbeat melodrama ... a family of aerialists decides to go after the $250,000 prize being offered to any group that can execute a next-to-impossible trapeze maneuver.” Yes, we’ve already canceled our evening plans.) There is even options to filter films based on user ratings, directors, genres and more ... Discuss

Entertainment research company Nielsen has created this handy infograph showing just how long it would take to binge watch a collection of popular shows in one sitting. Just think, in 6 straight edge-of-your-seat days you could finally get caught up on 24 just in time to start the new miniseries Live Another Day ... Discuss

Now that most of the population can’t imagine their life without the ability to binge watch sitcoms for days on end and que up weird documentaries at a moments notice, Netflix is raising its prices. Because at this point, we’re helpless against their powers. Starting soon, new subscribers will pay an additional dollar or two a month for the streaming service. Current customers will see a price increase after a “generous time period.” If Netflix has taught us anything, it’s that they can charge a premium price for their product and TV addicts will pay it ... Discuss