Now that most of the population can’t imagine their life without the ability to binge watch sitcoms for days on end and que up weird documentaries at a moments notice, Netflix is raising its prices. Because at this point, we’re helpless against their powers. Starting soon, new subscribers will pay an additional dollar or two a month for the streaming service. Current customers will see a price increase after a “generous time period.” If Netflix has taught us anything, it’s that they can charge a premium price for their product and TV addicts will pay it ... Discuss


Young Muthana Sweis thought it would be funny to send a random Tweet to Netflix, asking the streaming service to take him to prom. Obviously, because this makes no sense, he never expected that he’d get 1,000 retweets and have his invitation accepted. Though, because unlike Mila Kunis or Dwayne Wade, Netflix isn’t a human being, it couldn’t actually accompany Sweis to prom. This fact, however, didn't prevent the company from still making the night pretty special. As the video below shows, they let him pick out movie themed prom gear (a 007 tuxedo, a Grease-themed car and driver) and took his party to the dance in style. Netflix also let he and his friends browse movies indecisively for hours ... Discuss


According to this report from acclaimed news agency The Onion, Netflix is finally releasing a new payment plan that utilizes their most popular feature: browsing endlessly without actually watching anything. As the story indicates, now you can finally just scroll their library of titles and update your que with movies you’ll never end up watching for just $5 a month ... Discuss


If you’ve been carefully holding out from encountering online spoilers so you can watch the final episodes of Breaking Bad on Netflix, than we’ve got good news: The wait is almost over. The series finale and last eight episodes of the acclaimed series, which aired on AMC in September, are coming to the streaming provider on Feb. 24. Since you’ve held out this long without having the ending ruined for you, than from here until the end of February, you’ll probably want to play it safe, and just stay off the Internet. The safest course of action is to probably go off the grid in a remote cabin in snowy New Hampshire for awhile, before remerging to society just in time to binge watch the end of your favorite show ... Discuss


As you may have probably heard, because of expiring licensing deals, Netflix removed more than 90 movies from its streaming library yesterday. Sure, you may no longer be able to instantly watch classics like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind or Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo, but Netflix is also adding about 50 movies this month—including a handful of notable ones that may make it to your que instead. Amelie, Scrooged, Breakfast at Tiffany's, Grapes of Wrath, Big Trouble in Little China, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape and Good Burger (FINALLY!) are among the new titles that are available to stream starting this month ... Discuss