Are you taking a break from binge watching to actually get some work done? Well, Netflix has created yet another distraction to prevent you from doing anything productive. They teamed with The Secret Little Agency to create this “Where’s Waldo”-inspired game, featuring a massive image of a park populated by nothing but Netflix characters.

The kids from Stranger Things, the Kimmy Schmidt gang, the Underwoods, they’re all there.

Have fun spending even more fleeting moments of your life on Netflix-related entertainment. You can see the full image here. Discuss

Well, this is exciting. Netflix has just released a brief teaser for the new season of their hit sci-fi series Stranger Things. The clip is more about hints and clues than major revelations, but, it’s an exciting peak the follow-up to the acclaimed first season.

There’s no release date set yet, though according to the clip, it will drop sometime in 2017. Discuss

There’s already a lot of bad movies on Netflix, but at least now, there will be a show that’s dedicated to making fun of cinema’s worst creations. After Mystery Science Theater 3000 creator Joel Hodgson raised more than $7 million on Kickstarter to bring back the beloved ‘90s comedy series, Netflix has announced that it will be home to a new version of the show, which stars prisoners onboard a spacecraft, who bide their time by watching terrible movies, making jokes the whole time.

The series provides a lot to be excited about. Along with adding Patton Oswalt to the cast, Community’s Joel McHale and Dan Harmon are helping to write the new series. There’s no word yet on a release date. Discuss

Netflix is going all-in with its Marvel franchises. At San Diego Comic Con this week, the streaming network not only show teasers for the new season of Jessica Jones and the first season of Luke Cage, but also announced that its hit Daredevil would be returning for a third season.

The streaming provider has big plans for the shows. In addition to creating another show based on Jon Bernthal’s Punisher—who appears in Daredevil—Netflix is also bringing the Hells Kitchen heroes (along with Iron Fist), together, for their own super-team in another series, called The Defenders.

You’ll soon have a lot of binge watching to do. Discuss

Netflix has figured out a way to make their service even more addictive. The streaming content provider has just launched a new feature called “Flixtape,” which allows you to create, find and share custom playlists, you know, like an old fashion mixtape.

As they explain,

Flixtape is a short playlist of Netflix titles based around a theme, a mood, or message. It’s like a mixtape, but for Netflix.

Though Netflix automatically populates the playlists with titles that “capture the vibe you want” and “the feeling you’re trying to capture,” users can still edit the list with some custom choices. Finally, something to do when the "Pokemon Go" servers get overcrowded. Discuss

Here is a report that will likely come as a surprise to anyone who has seen even moments of Netflix’s reboot of the classic TGIF sitcom Full House. The ratings experts Symphony Advanced Media claims that Fuller House is the most popular show on television, drawing more than 14 million viewers. Just for context, that makes the comically bad reboot more popular than mega-hits like The Walking Dead or Game of Thrones.

Netflix, for their part, doesn’t release ratings information and has called SAM’s methodology for collecting them “remarkably inaccurate” in the past. SAM collects data from smart phone apps that uses audio recognition software to determine what users are watching. The only problem is, it’s hard to know how representative of the general population their sample size really is. Also, comparing a show that is binged-watch in a single session or two with a weekly series is problematic for comparisons.

But, even if Fuller House isn’t the biggest show on TV, the fact that a massive amount of people spent hours of their life watching a show Vulture called “the most excruciating TV minutes ever broadcast” is truly concerning. Discuss