On MSNBC yesterday, the news outlet was broadcasting an interview with Congresswoman Jane Harman, all the way from the World Economic Forum in Switzerland, when an earth-shattering, breaking news update caused the anchor to abruptly cut off the elected leader. What could be more important than a discussion with a Washington official about the NSA and new recommendations to protect the public’s privacy? Justin Bieber was appearing in court for a bunch of stuff that doesn’t really matter. Welcome to the modern age of cable news journalism. Meanwhile on Fox News, they were actually doing the job of real journalists, and reporting on some SUPER important stuff ... Discuss

The Fox News newsroom recently became the subject of Internet punchlines after they revealed the reporting tool of the future: Ridiculously oversized tablets. The image of anchor Shepard Smith standing beside a room full of comically ginormous tablet computers instantly begged the question, “What could they possibly need those things for?” Now we know the answer: Playing Candy Crush. In the video below, Smith awkwardly attempts to explain the game’s appeal, while also discussing his own addiction to the colorful app with an actual psychologist. We can’t help but to think that this newsroom, with its hilariously massive iPads, is simply enabling Smith at this point … Discuss

For reasons that are unclear, the Fox News cable channel has shrunken down their entire staff and locked them in a newsroom with normal sized iPads. OK, we didn’t actually read the story, but simply ascertained this from the images. But what other plausible explanation could there be? They wouldn’t have just gone out and purchased an entire room full of comically oversized touch monitors. That would just be ridiculous. Sadly, these tiny journalists are having a difficult time knowing real news from satire, but that's OK, tiny journalists. Just keep practicing … Discuss

This interview with author Reza Aslan got a lot of attention in the last few days after Fox News anchor Lauren Green questioned whether a Muslim religious scholar should be writing a book about Jesus. Well all of the buzz seems to have paid off for the author and academic. His book, Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth, is currently the No. 1 bestselling book on Amazon … Discuss

In a painful interview with the author of the new book Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth, Fox News’ Lauren Green can’t seem to get past the fact that Reza Aslan happens to be a Muslim. As Aslan attempts to repeatedly explain, he is a renowned New Testament scholar, who has spent decades studying the life of Jesus. Aslan also notes that he is married to a Christian, his mother is a Christian and his own brother-in-law is an evangelical pastor. As the interview awkwardly stretches on, Aslan continually explains that the book is the product of years of academic research and historical analysis—not an attempt to disqualify Christianity. The author does acknowledge that some of the points in his book are subject to debate among religious scholars and possibly counter to traditional (Muslim and Christian) doctrine, but tries to convey the idea that healthy criticism and educated arguments are welcomed in academic circles. But, Green, for some reason can only repeatedly grill Aslan about why he would write about Jesus. The exchange is an interesting microcosm of how many religious discussions too often unfold … Discuss

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