A Christian Case for Ending the War on Drugs

The unintended consequences of America’s drug policies. Read More

Marijuana usage among American adults is dramatically on the rise. New research published in JAMA Psychiatry this week shows that between 2001 and 2013, more than double the number of Americans said they used the drug, a jump from 4.1 percent to 9.5 percent. Unsurprisingly, the results of another survey—this one by the Pew Research Center—revealed that opinions about pot’s legal status have changed as well. Pew's research found that as recently as 2002, under a a third of the public thought marijuana should be legalized, but by 2013, that number swelled to a majority. Discuss


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On Thursday, the Justice Department announced a significant policy change—they will let states regulate the use of marijuana. After 75 years of prohibiting the possession of marijuana, the federal government said that as long as states do an adequate job of preventing pot from being distributed to minors and keeping it off the black market, they would not intervene in its sale. The policy shift comes after two recent state votes (in Washington and Colorado), made some usage and growing of marijuana legal within the states. Prior to the change in policy, the federal government could intervene in the sale, growth and distribution of marijuana, even it states that voted to make it legal … Discuss

Should Christians Smoke Pot or Not?

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