Mario is coming to your iPhone. Nintendo has announced a new partnership with app development company DeNA to begin creating games for your phone. The games aren’t just mobile editions of classic NES staples. Instead, according to a press release, “to ensure the quality of game experience that consumers expect from this alliance of Nintendo and DeNA, only new original games optimized for smart device functionality will be created.” Though if Nintendo’s track record of creating addictive cartoon games is any indication, these new apps have the potential to vastly increase your smartphone’s time-wasting capabilities ... Discuss

If your cat didn’t receive this Super Mario Bros.-themed climber for Christmas, it’s not too late to rectify the situation. Sure, you can purchase one on Etsy, pre-made. Or, you could get crafty and make one yourself with this easy-to-follow guide from a handy Redditor ... Discuss

If you’re a web designer looking for a job, take some inspiration from Robby Leonardi. His interactive, Mario-themed resume (which you navigate through by side-scrolling, just like the old Nintendo game) may very well be the key to landing any job you could ever want. Just be sure to send it in on a MondayDiscuss

After years of toiling away as the green-clad sidekick of heroic plumber Mario, Nintendo has announced that Luigi is finally getting his due. In an address to fans, Nintendo executives said that 2013 will officially be “The Year of Luigi,” with the new game Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon for the 3DS hitting shelves in March. For the two dozen people who actually still play Nintendo games, this was thrilling news. In going with the sidekick theme, the company also announced the release of several other games: NBA Jam: The Scottie Pippen Edition, The Art Garfunkel Guitar Hero Expansion Pack, World of Warcraft Presents: Samwise’s Long Walk Back to the Shire and Batgirl BeginsDiscuss

Don't get any ideas about a Resident Evil proposal, gang ... Discuss

The Nintendo 3DS XL (whatever that is) will have a screen twice as large as its old handheld console, which is great news for handheld gaming-console geeks. Nintendo also announced that they are developing a new "Super Smash Bros." game, which is great news for everyone, ever ...