After years of toiling away as the green-clad sidekick of heroic plumber Mario, Nintendo has announced that Luigi is finally getting his due. In an address to fans, Nintendo executives said that 2013 will officially be “The Year of Luigi,” with the new game Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon for the 3DS hitting shelves in March. For the two dozen people who actually still play Nintendo games, this was thrilling news. In going with the sidekick theme, the company also announced the release of several other games: NBA Jam: The Scottie Pippen Edition, The Art Garfunkel Guitar Hero Expansion Pack, World of Warcraft Presents: Samwise’s Long Walk Back to the Shire and Batgirl BeginsDiscuss


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One of the most annoying things about gaming on a mobile device (yes, we understand this is an absurd complaint) is trying to control classic games with any kind of precision. It's pretty hard to time a jump correctly when you're using a "virtual joystick" that only kind of works. Well, now ThinkGeek has stepped in with the "iCade 8-Bitty" which will also tug at your old-school Nintendo heartstrings ...



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