Ranking Inspiring (But Completely Implausible) '90s Sports Movies

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In a special Star Wars edition of one of the Internet’s greatest long-running jokes, the folks from Will It Blend give the sci-fi franchise's most notoriously annoying character the ending he’s always deserved. For reasons that may never be clear, watching an assortment of items getting shoved into Blendtec blender never gets old. Discuss

The Little Prince, the classic book about a highly organized young girl that meets an unexpected and imaginative friend, is being adapted into an animated film. From the looks of the new trailer, we have a lot to look forward to. Aside from just being aesthetically beautiful, it highlights the importance of imagination and not growing up too fast. The film features the voices of stars like Rachel McAdams, Jeff Bridges and James Franco and will hit theaters in March. Discuss

We have some devastating news: One of the greatest titles in cinema will be leaving our living rooms come December 1. You now have only a few precious days to watch, and rewatch, Nicolas Cage's Left Behind: The Movie. Run—don't walk—to the nearest television and stare Nick Cage deep in the eyes. You'll find Christmas cheer in there.

As with every dark night though, there is a bright morning sun on the horizon.

All-in-all, the month of December is bringing you titles of great joy. The Ray Charles biopic, Ray, starring Jamie Fox will begin streaming early on in the month as well as the very promising Christmas special, A Very Murray Christmas. For Parenthood fans that have been in agony over waiting for season 6 to arrive, your waiting will come to a sweet and welcomed end on December 30. Fans of Maron also have a reason to celebrate: Season 3 will be ready for your viewing pleasure December 28. You can see a full list of what’s coming to Netflix here. Discuss

The new trailer for the latest installment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe franchise, Captain America: Civil War has just been released. As with most things Marvel, there are a lot of familiar faces, massive explosions, snappy dialogue, ominous music and, of course, punching. Discuss

If there's one thing we know about the internet, it's that it's a magical place with way too much time on its hands. Are we complaining? Absolutely not. Because this time they've brought us the best of Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Guardians of the Galaxy. What more could you ask for in a mid-Monday break?