It’s been 25 years since the cinematic masterpiece Wayne’s World originally hit theaters. That fact alone is crazy, but what is even more insane is that there’s an entire generation who has probably never actually seen the film. We obviously hope that’s not true, but in the event that it is, we’ve got some good news!

Wayne's World will be returning to theaters again for two nights in February to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Wayne and Garth. Shwing! The re-showing will have a few added bonuses for fans, including an introduction by Peter Travers and a pre-recorded discussion with the cast. We’re not worthy! But, we’re excited.

Wayne’s World will be returning to theaters February 7th and 8th. Party time. Excellent! Discuss

A new trailer for the upcoming Wolverine movie Logan has just been released, and like the first one, it represents a darker, more intense direction for the Hugh Jackman character.

It also looks really, really good. The movie drops in March. Discuss

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A few years back writer and RELEVANT contributor Jon Negroni caused a stir online when he outlined a theory in detail of how all Pixar film are connected and exist in the same universe—some, at the same time. It’s a compelling read, especially if you’re a fan of the movies.

Now, the studio has released a short film, showing some of the many connections hidden throughout the movies.

Prepare to have your mind blown:


Part of the vision of the Star Wars franchise moving forward is to have spin-off films created for different characters within the fictional universe. This mash-up trailer—which uses audio from the current biopic Jackie (about former first lady Jackie Kennedy) and clips from Star Wars Episodes I, II, and III—shows why Natalie Portman’s Padmé Amidala also deserves her own movie.

There won’t be another Camelot. Discuss

Another '90s hit is getting reboot. Kenya Barris—the mastermind behind the acclaimed sitcom Black-ish—is developing a remake of the 1992 basketball comedy White Men Can’t Jump. NBA star Blake Griffin and NFL player Ryan Kalil are also helping to produce the project.

Though the original film starring Woody Harrelson and Wesley Snipes was a mainstream sports comedy, it also occasionally touched on some heavier themes including race, friendship and morality.

Barris’ Black-ish, which he created for ABC, has garnered widespread critical acclaimed for mixing comedy with bigger discussions about social themes like police brutality, racial injustice, the church and politics. Discuss