Here’s the latest TV commercial for the upcoming action blockbuster Jurassic World. As good as the reboot starring Chris Pratt looks, we’d still rather spend two hours watching the Andy Dwyer version, Jurassic Parks and Recreation ... Discuss

This weekend, the first teaser trailer for the upcoming James Bond movie Spectre dropped, and things are taking a creepy turn for the super spy. The follow-up to 2012’s acclaimed Skyfall sees Daniel Craig’s 007 squaring off with Ian Fleming’s most notorious criminal creation, SPECTRE, and hunting his own dark secrets. The latest in the James Bond franchise hits theaters in November ... Discuss

Jake Gyllenhall—probably the actor with the second hardest name to spell after Matthew McConaughsomeletters—got ripped beyond all sensible measure for his role as a down-and-out boxer in the upcoming Southpaw. The washed-up fighter with one last shot at greatness is kind of a tired hat at this point, but some intriguing family drama looks to set this one apart (and it's directed by the great Antoine Fuqua). Keep your hands up and keep moving. Discuss

Hillsong has released a new trailer for their upcoming documentary Let Hope Rise, which releases this spring. From filmmaker, Michael John Warren—the director of Jay Z’s Fade to Black concert movie—Let Hope Rise looks at the rise of Hillsong Church (which pulls in more than 100,000 weekly attendees in services around the globe), and the United Band’s huge global influence ... Discuss

Arnold Schwarzenegger movies aren't generally in RELEVANT's wheelhouse, but he's the star of a new one that's actually making some critical waves and has a fresh, interesting idea at its core. Maggie is a sparser, gentler take on the zombie apocalypse craze, and it follows Schwarzenegger's attempts to protect his daughter (Little Miss Sunshine's Abigail Breslin) after she gets zombie-infected. That's pretty grim stuff for a Schwarzenegger movie, but the script is rumored to be one of the better stories to have been floating around Hollywood for the past few years. Here's hoping it lives up to the plot's potential. Discuss

Just about all the average, non-comic book nerd could tell you about Lex Luthor is that he hates Superman and he's bald, and Zach Snyder has clearly nailed both of those details in this new, first look at Jesse Eisenberg as the chief baddie in the upcoming Batman V Superman: Why Should Marvel Have All the Fun?. Sure enough, Eisenberg—in his second time playing a technological genius with questionable morals—is very bald and seems very angry here. One can only imagine he's angry at Superman, or Batman or any of the other thousand heroes who will be making an appearance in the upcoming film. Discuss