Back in 2011, Rich Walsh and his bride found their Pittsburgh wedding to be the site of a reckoning. The Dark Knight Rises was filming around the corner from the site of their nuptials, peppering their vows with all manner of explosions and Bat-goings on. Allegedly, all the commotion frustrated the couple, which is weird, because it sounds awesome. In any case, Tom Hardy (Bane) stopped by in his charming wedding attire to try to smooth things over, and the crew even let the couple pose for a few pictures with the Batmobile, so the wedding ended up being a happy one ... Discuss

America’s new favorite leading man (and former van-dweller) Chris Pratt genuinely seems like a pretty great dude. During a special screening of his action hit Guardians of the Galaxy for patients and parents at Children's' Hospital of Los Angeles, Pratt covertly left, and returned dressed as Star-Lord. For the next three hours Pratt handed out Guardians of the Galaxy toys, and then visited with kids too sick to go to the screening. According to E!, when one of the children recognized his voice from The Lego Movie, the duo spent the next 10 minutes repeating dialogue from the comedy. Well played, Andy Dwyer ... Discuss

Darren Aronofksy's Noah epic was many things—Lord of the Rings wannabe, fanciful interpretation of biblical lore, not as controversial as it was made out to be—but a comedy it was not. Unified Pictures is looking to remedy that oversight by making their own Noah movie, and this one's going to be an all-CGI family friendly comedy. The focus will be on the animals, particularly a lonely aardvark named Gilbert who, according to the press release:

"becomes the reluctant leader of a ragtag group of misfit animals that need to be led to the mighty ark before the impending flood. Along their journey, they band together to conquer unforeseen obstacles, and ultimately, Gilbert discovers within himself the inner strength and ingenuity to prove that in a world of ‘twos,’ he was truly destined to be ‘the one’.

Ah, yes. Just like the Bible says. Kung Fu Panda director John Stevenson will helm the film which is imaginatively titled Noah's Ark ... Discuss

There are plenty of competing opinions about the usefulness of the Ice Bucket Challenge but, as celebrity Ice Bucket Challenge videos go, John Krasinski's (Jim on The Office) challenge to his wife, Emily Blunt, is one of the better ones ... Discuss

We’ve already gotten an official look at Batman’s new duds that Ben Affleck will be wearing in Zack Snyder’s upcoming Batman v. Superman. Now, we’ve got our first (unofficial) look at the updated Superman suit that someone snapped on the set (click the image to see the full thing). It’s not dramatically different from what Henry Cavill wore in Man of Steel but the color scheme is a little brighter and more in line with the classic look. The massive black raincoat is a nice touch ... Discuss