Meet Hollywood’s next Jesus. According to Deadline, Joaquin Phoenix is in talks to play the role of Jesus Christ in an upcoming movie called "Mary Magdalene." Rooney Mara will play the lead role. This biopic doesn’t sound like a typical faith-centric Bible movie, though: Deadline says the film is “an authentic and humanistic portrait of one of the most enigmatic and misunderstood spiritual figures in history.” Talks with Phoenix are still on going, but he is currently the filmmakers' first choice. Discuss

Paul Rudd will play an Ivy League linguistics prodigy, a professional baseball player and a spy—all in the same role. The actor is set to star in the adaptation of the book The Catcher Was A Spy, which tells the true story of Moe Berg, who went from Princeton, to the Major League to a CIA-like organization, just as America was entering into WWII. But, just because it’s Paul Rudd, don’t expect a straight-up comedy. The script, which is billed as a thriller, is being written by the scribe behind Saving Private Ryan, Robert Rodat. Discuss

Take a trip back to 1989 in this trailer for Southside With You, a movie about the first date between Michelle and Barack Obama. The film, which was produced by John Legend, releases in August. Discuss

Listen to Republican candidates talk, and you’ll hear a lot about Ronald Reagan. Some even lament that the 40th president can’t just run again this year. Which, for obvious reasons, he can't. But we may have discovered the next best thing, and even Democrats will be excited. Variety is reporting that Will Ferrell is going to star as the Gipper in a movie tentatively called Reagan. Reportedly, the script follows the president from the beginning of his second term, as an intern has to convince a Reagan with early-onset dementia that he is only playing the role of president in a movie. Ferrell is also co-producing the project. Discuss

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A new trailer for the sci-fi sequel Independence Day: Resurgence has been released, and it is two minutes of pure alien-fighting destruction. Watch, and enjoy the madness. The Will Smith-less sequel hits theaters on June 24. Discuss