Bradley Cooper is set to make his directorial debut, and, according to Deadline, he is hoping that Beyonce can lend some star power to A Star Is Born. The movie is a remake of a 1954 musical starring Judy Garland (which was an adaptation of a 1937 movie, and was once again remade in 1976 with Barbra Streisand), about a young star and her mentor. Deadline says that though Beyonce hasn’t been officially asked to star in the film, she was first connected to the project back in 2012, when Clint Eastwood had signed on to direct. Cooper is also set to star in the latest adaptation ... Discuss

A father and his 8-year-old daughter used $100,000 worth of Legos to create this stop-motion, 3-minute remake of the film Jurassic Park with the help of Wizard Studios in L.A.. As you can see, it was three months well spent ... Discuss

Officials in North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un’s government aren’t exactly known for their sense of humor, and their hatred for the Seth Rogen comedy The Interview is now well-documented. Now, an activist group’s plan to air-drop copies of the DVD into the tightly-controlled country has them threatening war. They said that using balloons to send over 500,000 copies of the film (that, spoiler alert, depicts a wild assassination caper centering on the dictator) along with anti-Kim leaflets would be "a de facto declaration of a war" against South Korea, where the activists are located.

North Korea also added (this is evidently not a joke), "All the firepower strike means of the frontline units of the (Korean People's Army) will launch without prior warning... to blow up balloons." The Kim regime is one of the world’s worst violators of human rights, and strictly enforces allegiance to the government. The regime also is holding hundreds of thousands of its own citizens in brutal, secret prison camps ... Discuss

With several Internet-breaking Avengers: Age of Ultron trailers to use footage from, YouTube filmmaker Jeremiah Rivera was able to create a fitting Friends-style tribute to our favorite superhero team. For when it hasn’t been your day, week or month, or even your year ... Discuss

Just when you think you've seen all the movie montages you need, someone comes along with a genuinely novel idea that gives you a new perspective on some classic films. In this case, that someone is Jacob T. Swinney, who's put together this look at various movies' first and last frames, situated side by side. It's interesting to note the care and symmetry many of these movies have, and seeing the juxtaposition is a reminder of how carefully the truly great filmmakers approach their craft. Check it out below. (A full list of the films included is listed on the video's official description.) Discuss

Romeo & Juliet is a pretty good story. Over the past few centuries, most of the world has been on the same page about that. But the world has also agreed that Romeo & Juliet is a little light on big, slow-motion, gratuitously sweaty war sequences in which everyone looks like they just walked off the shoot for a Bowflex commercial. Sony aims to rectify that with a new movie they just greenlit called Verona, which promises to "reimagine the classic love story through a lens of an epic, 300-style world." Perfect. Everything about this sounds perfect. Who wouldn't want to see a flashy, updated version of Romeo & Juliet? (Besides this one.) (And this one.) (And this one.) (And all these.) Who hasn't watched 300 and thought, "This would be better if it was exactly the same except it was also Romeo & Juliet." Everything about this sounds perfect and there won't be any problems with it all. Discuss