Someone mashed-up the trailer for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice with a song from Always Sunny in Philadelphia’s insanely weird musical theater production “The Nightman Cometh.” The results are exactly what you would expect. Discuss

Pixar has released a look at its new movie The Good Dinosaur that looks at the questions, “What if the asteroid that forever changed life on Earth missed the planet completely and giant dinosaurs never became extinct?” Along with some killer visuals, from the trailer, the movie—like most Pixar films—looks like it is really about friendship, this time, between a young cavekid and a friendly dinosaur. The Good Dinosaur hits theaters in November. Discuss

The YouTube channel Toscano Bricks has made a shot-for-shot re-creation of the trailer for Ant-Man, which just happens to currently be the No. 1 movie in America. The video is further proof that with enough LEGOs, enough attention to detail and with countless hours of free time on your hands, anything is possible. Discuss

He’s not the sidekick Batman deserves, but the one he needs right now. Michael Cera will voice the Boy Wonder himself, Robin, (sadly one of the world’s lamest superheroes) in the upcoming LEGO Batman movie. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Cera will join Will Arnett, who hilariously voiced The Dark Knight in 2014’s LEGO Movie. The duo of Phil Lord and Chris Miller, who directed the original animated hit, will produce the spin-off, which hits theaters in February 2017. Discuss

Arcade Fire is known for being a little strange. The Grammy-winning band often performs wearing oversized paper mâché heads. They use wacky instruments. Last year, they made a low-budget horror movie for Halloween. But their quirkiness is part of Arcade Fire’s appeal. This fall, the band is getting their own documentary, directed by Kahlil Joseph, who has directed videos for Kendrick Lamar and FKA twigs. If the trailer is any indication, the film, called The Reflektor Tapes, will be just as weird, colorful and mesmerizing as the band it’s following.


Fight Club may soon be heading to Broadway. Author Chuck Palahniuk, who wrote the book that inspired the 1999 Brad Pitt film, told Mashable that director David Fincher is working on a rock opera based on the story. According to Palahniuk, Trent Reznor is also working on the music for the stage production. Though Reznor didn’t have a hand in original the movie, the duo has worked together more recently. Reznor scored three David Fincher hits: Gone Girl, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and The Social Network. So far, there’s been no news about who will star in the musical. Discuss