Disney is still releasing short clips from Beauty and the Beast ahead of the movie's release next month.

The 52-second clip is of the song "Belle" as Belle goes through town and realizes how ordinary and boring her life is. Your next dose of Disney nostalgia hits theaters March 17.


Mel Gibson's career is experiencing a resurgence. The Academy Award-winning director has been faced with controversy in recent years but has been making favorable waves in Hollywood for his critically acclaimed film, Hacksaw Ridge.

Apparently, the people over at Warner Bros. want some of Gibson’s comeback magic to rub off on them because according to The Hollywood Reporter the production company is considering having him direct the sequel to Suicide Squad. The film that, though adored by audiences globally, was unanimously hated by critics.

It’s too soon to know anything for sure, but if Mel Gibson does go on to direct the DC film it will be an incredible story of emergence, reconciliation and forgiveness. Discuss

A trailer for a new film directed by Angelina Jolie has just been released, and it is powerful. First They Killed My Father is an adaptation of human rights' activist Loung Ung's autobiography, about living through the Cambodian genocide.

As the trailer explains, in the period between 1975 - 1979 the forces of Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge murdered nearly a quarter of the country’s population.

Much of the cast is comprised of survivors and family members of survivors.

It releases on Netflix soon. Discuss

You may remember back in August, when Marvel released a mockumentary mini-sitcom about what Thor had been up to lately, and why he hadn’t joined the Avengers on their latest battle. Well, it turns out, he’s been taking some time off, and is living with a roommate named “Darryl.” Here's the original in case you missed it the first time.

Marvel has just released a follow-up, and things still not seem to be going very well between Thor and poor Darryl. Not only is Thor apparently having trouble making rent, but he has also taken to riding his mountain bike indoors and is demanding a servant.

If the MCU ever runs out of ideas, we’d totally see an Odd Couple-style, feature-length comedy between these two, Discuss

Pixars’ Cars franchise and the recent Mad Max reboot are very different kinds of films, but both prominently feature vehicles in some sort of post-apocalyptic future. It only makes sense that someone on the Internet has spent time mashing them up.

A Twitter user named Paul Savage revealed this week that his new hobby is “photoshopping the eyes from Pixar's Cars onto the rigs from Mad Max: Fury Road”, and it works shockingly well. You can see few more examples of the concept here.

We’d totally see this version too. Discuss

You don’t need a big Hollywood budget to create a cool movie trailer. The YouTube wizards at Dumb Drum created this super low-budget, shot-for-shot re-creation of the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 teaser using homemade props.

With enough cardboard and enough time, anything is possible.

You can see the whole thing—and a side-by-side comparison—below: