A new trailer at Oliver Stone’s take on the story of Edward Snowden has been released, and it looks like an interesting look at the controversial real-life whistleblower. At recent screening of the film at Comic Con, Snowden himself—who is wanted by the United States and is currently living in Russia—appeared via video chat, and said that though at first, the idea of the movie made him uneasy, he likes the final film.

As The Verge notes, he told reporters, "I don't think anybody looks forward to having a movie made about themselves" but is glad it is a way to "reach new audiences in new ways and get people talking about things that they don't have time to read or look for in the academic sense.”

The film, starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, hits theaters on Sept. 16. Discuss

The resurgence of Pokemon continues. Following the unprecedented success of the new "Pokemon Go" app—which is now officially the biggest smartphone game in history—a new, live action Pokemon movie is in the works. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the film is being fast-tracked and will begin production next year. The new movie will star a new character, named “Detective Pikachu,” and though no plot details have been announced, we’re guessing it will have something to do with the heroic efforts to keep "Pokemon Go" servers from repeatedly crashing, momentarily destroying lives all over the planet. Discuss

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When we first heard news that Sony was making a big-budget, feature length movie based on emojis, like the rest of the world, we were pretty apprehensive. But, this “audition” tape featuring TJ Miller gives us some hope that it will at least be self-aware enough to actually be potentially, at least somewhat, funny.

And spoiler alert: Miller did get the part. He plays the “meh” emoji in the upcoming animated comedy called “Express Yourself” due out in 2017.


The latest edition of the Star Wars franchise doesn’t hit theaters until December, but the filmmakers have already released some behind-the-scenes footage that shows just how different the tone of Rogue One might be. As this featurette seems to indicate, the action-heavy epic looks more like a war movie than a sci-fi adventure.

If the clip isn’t enough of a teaser, the studio has also released a stunning new poster for Rogue One. The force looks strong with this one.


It takes a special kind of movie geek who will appreciate this mash-up that asks, “What if [spoiler alert] Rey encountered Monty Python’s Tim the Enchanter instead of Luke Skywalker on top of that mountain in the Force Awakens?”

In case you’re not familiar with the source material, here’s the original encounter with Tim in The Holy Grail, though, really, without the entire context of Monty Python’s insanity, it probably still won’t seem as funny as it is to true fans.