The video editing geniuses at CineFix recut a trailer to Disney Pixar’s Finding Dory to make it into a psychological thriller, and it works surprisingly well.

Warning, you probably won’t see Dory the same way again. Discuss

We finally have a full trailer for the new Spider-Man movie, and it looks very, very promising. The clip has everything you’d want in a collaboration between Sony and Marvel: Cool villains, lots of action and, of course, a wise-cracking Tony Stark.

Spider-Man: Homecoming drops in July. Discuss

We don’t want to give away too much about this ad from Globe’s #CreateCourage movement, but stick around until the ending, the pay-off is worth it. Discuss

A new, international trailer for Rogue One has released, and it has a darker tone than some of the previous ones, focusing on immense power of the Death Star, and the stakes at play in the efforts to destroy such a weapon. The finally releases on Dec. 16. Discuss

Will Ferrell is at it again! By that, we mean he’s making yet another movie in which his character has a uniquely successful job.

In the past, the Saturday Night Live veteran has played everything from a famous race car driver a la Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby to a renowned figure skater in Blades of Glory. This time around Ferrell is trading in his ice skates for a video game controller to star in a film which will take place in the competitive world of video-gaming.

The unnamed comedy will tell the story of a middle-aged man whose unmatched hand-eye coordination allows him to compete on an eSports team with a group of significantly younger players. The film’s plot is already lending itself to make some seriously funny jokes about the generational divide between millennials and the rest of the world—a parody that isn’t too unfamiliar to Ferrell.

There is no word yet on when the film will officially make its debut, but we can’t imagine it doing poorly at the box office. The ever-growing gaming industry already has tens of millions of devoted followers worldwide. Discuss

A trailer for the big-screen adaptation of the Dave Eggers’ novel The Circle has just been released, and it looks pretty eerie.

The movie stars Tom Hanks and Emma Watson, and centers on a giant tech company that may or may not have something more sinister in the works than just connecting the world or making information more widely available.

It hits theaters in April. Discuss