Leonard Nimoy, the legendary sci-fi icon who portrayed Mr. Spock in the original Star Trek series, has passed away in his home in Bel Air. He was 83. His wife confirmed that he had succumbed to end-stage chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, a condition Mr. Nimoy had announced he had last year.

Nimoy was a poet and photographer in addition to being an actor, but his Mr. Spock was one of pop culture's most celebrated figures. A deeply logical, almost robot-like member of the Starship Enterprise, his inability to process emotion endeared him to his crew and his millions of fans. Indeed, he was the only member of the original cast J.J. Abrams asked to join the blockbuster reboot. William Shatner may have been the face of the landmark series, but Nimoy was undeniably its heart and soul—rather ironic, given his character's temperament. He lived long. He prospered. Discuss

Paul Dano and John Cusack will split starring duties in the latest music genius biopic to hit theaters, Love & Mercy. Brian Wilson has deserved a film treatment for some time, as few music legends have as tantalizing of a life story to tell; that of a man who crafted some of the most perfect pop songs of all time, but was driven to the brink of insanity by his obsession to be better. The movie (directed by Bill Pohlad) will come to theaters sometime in June. God only knows the actual date ... Discuss

The Lego Movie Sequel has found its director. And, though Rob Schrab has never helmed a major motion picture, his filmmaking credits are pretty impressive. Schrab is the man behind classic episodes of Community, Parks and Rec and The Mindy Project (among a bunch of other shows). The writing team of Phil Lord and Christopher Miller will also both be back for the sequel which is due out in 2018 ... Discuss

Boyhood didn’t win big at the Oscars, but we may not have seen the last of Mason Evans Jr. Filmmaker Richard Linklater spoke with The Q&A Podcast and admitted that he has been thinking about what a possible sequel would look like.

I don’t know if it’s been a combination of finally feeling that this is over or being asked a similar question a bunch over the last year, that I thought, well, I wake up in the morning thinking, ‘the 20s are pretty formative, you know?’” he admitted. “That’s where you really become who you’re going to be.

Of course, part of the charm of Boyhood was that it followed the main character over the course of 12 years, from first grade through high school, and was shot in segments for more than a decade. Linklater said that a sequel, however, “would probably be more accelerated.” At this point, there’s nothing definitive from Linklater about a sequel, but as his Before trilogy has shown, he’s not afraid to revisit characters in different films over the course of many years ... Discuss

Giving an unusually low-key Oscars a much-needed shot of raucous fun, Tegan and Sarah teamed up with The Lonely Island (and Devo! And Will Arnett's Batman! And Questlove! And Lego Oscars!) for a wild, unhinged performance of their Lego Movie anthem, "Everything Is Awesome." The Lego Movie went home from the Oscars empty-handed (as you know, it wasn't even nominated for Best Animated Movie, which remains dumbfounding), but who needs an Oscar when you've got a performance like this? ... Discuss

Alejandro González Iñárritu’s dramedy Birdman took home the Oscar for Best Picture at last night’s 87th Academy Awards, beating out Boyhood in a nail-biter. The Michael Keaton-starring film also won for best cinematography, screenplay and director. Eddie Redmayne (The Theory of Everything) and Julianne Moore (Still Alice) won Oscars for Best Actor and Best Actress, with J.K. Simmons and Patricia Arquette winning for their supporting roles in Whiplash and Boyhood. And though the night was supposed to be all about movies, it was several live music performances and some impassioned acceptance speeches that really stole the show, with numerous performers giving refreshingly heartfelt addresses instead of the usual list of names. But, let’s be honest, genuinely touching moments aside, a lame magic trick involving a suitcase and Will Arnett in Val Kilmer’s Batman suit may also end up being among two of the evening’s most memorable moments ... Discuss