Disney continues to mine its classics for new life, and here we have the first trailer for the live-action adaptation of one of its most sacred cows, Cinderella. The trailer doesn't pretend you don't know the story, instead focusing on the special effects and some delicious looking performances from Helena Bonham Carter as the Fairy Godmother and Cate Blanchett as the wicked stepmother. But the film's secret power might just be director Kenneth Branagh, whose Shakespearean sensibilities made Thor such an unexpected treat ... Discuss

You’ll have to wait until next Christmas to see Paul Feig’s big-screen adaptation of Charles Schulz’s classic comic Peanuts, but you can get your first look at the trailer this morning. It takes a minute to get used to seeing Snoopy and friends in computer animated fashion, but it still looks like Feig has captured the spirit of the beloved characters ... Discuss

When Paul Feig announced his plans to bring Charlie Brown, Snoopy and the whole gang back together for a new motion picture, we were understandably skeptical. Some things just seem suited to the past, and Peanuts is definitely one of them. However, USA Today got their hands on a few early stills and—while we still know nothing about how true the script will stay to Charles Schulz's original vision—the artwork pays nice homage the original while still feeling fresh. And Feig has promised that Charlie Brown "won't twerk, wear a baseball cap backwards or try to 'break the Internet' a la Kim Kardashian," which seems like the least we could hope for. The movie comes out next year ... Discuss

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The Chipettes are a barely remembered '80s offshoot of Alvin and the Chipmunks, but a video of their adventures somehow made its way to this young toddler and it is quite the emotional roller coaster for her tender heart. Her dad, Travis Lupher, videoed her getting very understandably choked up over the plight of a baby penguin who has lost its family. Actually, he seems like he's getting a little worked up by the end of the video himself, so maybe there was more to the Chipettes than we gave it credit for ... Discuss

A group of college students in the U.K. really want to see a new Harry Potter movie—so much so that they are attempting to raise $63,000 to just shoot their own. The students launched a Kickstarter campaign that they hope will fund the production of Mudblood and the Book of Spells, a new, original story about another student of Hogwarts. The script for the film was created with the help of Potter readers on Internet fan forums, and though they’ve attempted to reach out to J.K. Rowling, they’ve heard nothing back from the best-selling author in terms of any type of actual permissions. The group’s goal is to premiere their ambitious fan film sometime next year. One of the students leading the project also threw some shade on lame, homemade American Harry Potter spin-offs, telling the BBC, "There are no good Harry Potter fan films—they're all American and have low production values." You hear that? It’s time to step up your unlicensed fan film game, America ... Discuss