At long last, we have our first glimpse at the remake of the early ‘90s action epic Point Break. Though it looks like the updated version captures many of the hallmarks that made the original a cult classic—unintentionally hilarious dialogue, gnarly surfer dudes, sky diving—there is just one question we have for the filmmakers: Where is Busey? Where. Is. Busey? ... Discuss

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Reese Witherspoon is in talks to produce and star in a live action movie about the classic Disney character Tinker Bell. Though not many details about Tink have been released yet, initial reports make it sound like a possible origins story: “Like Maleficent, this Tinker Bell tale is conceived as ‘the story you don’t know,’ and will offer a new perspective on the character.” The new movie is being written by Victoria Strouse, the same screenwriter working on the upcoming Pixar sequel Finding Dory ... Discuss

The release of Jurassic World may still be a few weeks away, but at least you have this new, 2-minute featurette to hold you over. Listen to Chris Pratt, Steven Spielberg and more of the minds behind the reboot explain why you should be getting excited for June 12 ... Discuss

You may remember the touching story of young Miles Scott. Back in the fall of 2013, Miles became an Internet sensation after the Make-a-Wish foundation helped fulfill the leukemia’s survivor’s dream of becoming Batman. After thousands of volunteers showed up to turn San Francisco into Gotham for a day of superhero adventures, Batkid was born. Now, Warner Bros. is releasing a documentary about Miles and the day that changed San Francisco. Batkid Begins releases on June 26 ... Discuss

We haven’t seen the last of Brad Pitt, zombie hunter. According to a report in Variety, a sequel to the blockbuster adaptation of the book World War Z is currently in the works, and will hit theaters in the summer of 2017. No significant plot details have been released, but the script is being penned by Steven Knight, the writer behind the TV show Peaky Blinders and films including Locke and Amazing Grace ... Discuss

A new documentary from actor Hugh Jackman—who is also an ambassador for World Vision Australia—about the impact fair trade coffee can have in the lives of farmers in developing countries. Dukale’s Dream releases later this summer. Read More