Even though Guardians of the Galaxy doesn’t release until this weekend, Marvel is confident enough in overwhelmingly positive early reviews and hype that it's already greenlighting a sequel.

Director James Gunn and Chris Pratt made a video message at Comic-Con over the weekend, telling fans that a follow-up to the superhero franchise’s debut movie would be hitting theaters in July 2017. It may face some intense competition though—2017 is stacking up to be a crowded field at the box office. The year will see new releases in The Fantastic Four, Pirates of the Caribbean, LEGO Movie, Despicable Me, Star Wars, Justice League, Avatar and Transformers franchises.

All of the films also have the unenviable task of going up against Croods 2—an animated film that features the voice of box office competition-crusher Nic Cage ... Discuss


Numerous reports are saying Marvel is in talks with Joaquin Phoenix to take the lead in their upcoming adaptation of Doctor Strange. Doctor Strange is one of Marvel's oldest and oddest heroes, a sorcerer whose adventures generally take place in the mystic realms.

Take the news with a grain of salt. Phoenix is notoriously choosey with his roles, and had tended to shy away from big budget pictures ever since Walk the Line back in 2005. And Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hardy have also been rumored for the role, so there are a lot of things up in the air. However, Doctor Strange is largely expected to be Marvel's big announcement at Comic-Con this week, so they're probably pushing to confirm a lead. Stay tuned ... Discuss


Zack Snyder clearly doesn’t care about the recourse of Batfleck haters. The Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice director tweeted this photo of Ben Affleck in his Dark Knight mask as part of the 75th anniversary of Batman celebration happening this week at Comic-Con. The next installment of the superhero franchise hits theaters in 2016 ... Discuss


For a long time, it's been rumored that DC had their eye on Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson to play a superhero. That's not so odd—Johnson is a mega movie star who looks like he could bench a couple Batmobiles on his cheat day—but it's a little difficult to know just what superhero he should play. Strange as it is to say, he looks almost too big to play a superhero. Superman (Henry Cavill) probably couldn't wrap his arms all the way around Johnson's bicep. But DC has reportedly made up their mind and although they've tried to keep it a secret, Johnson let a major clue slip while doing press for Hercules, telling the interviewer that he'll be playing someone “with the power of Superman” who “can throw down." And then, perhaps, the biggest clue of all: "Just say the word."

It's almost certainly a reference to Shazam (formerly Captain Marvel), a superhero who is actually 12-year-old Billy Batson, but transforms into the very Superman-like Shazam by shouting "Shazam." The move fits in with rumors that DC is eyeing a Shazam movie after it releases its Batman V Superman movie in 2016 ... Discuss


As if the decision to put creepy looking noses on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles wasn’t enough to distort the memories of your childhood heroes, now, the makers of the new TMNT movie have released this travesty of a “theme song.” Juicy J, Wiz Khalifa, Ty Dolla $ign, Kill the Noise, and Madsonik are all to thank for “Shell Shocked” and further ruining a once great franchise. Somewhere, Vanilla Ice is very upset ... Discuss