There are a lot of empty Coke bottles that are disregarded around the world every day. But, as the video below shows, the soda maker may have figured out a way to encourage people to hang on to their used plastic bottles instead of just throwing them away. The company has created 16 custom caps that turn old bottles into everything from squirt guns and spray bottles to sauce dispensers and saltshakers. Coke is sending tens of thousands of the caps to several Asian countries later this year ... Discuss

Starting at a new school or a new job can be tough. Coke’s new campaign featuring “friendship twist” bottle caps aims to help freshman break the ice, by forcing them to meet someone else to help them open their Coke. Sure, “friendship twist” sounds a little cheesy, but like their interactive Coke machine spot, it the video actually make it look pretty cool ... Discuss

During last night’s Super Bowl, Coke unveiled this cinematic-looking, patriotic, one-minute commercial that celebrated the country’s natural beauty and embrace of diversity by showing people of various backgrounds singing “America the Beautiful” in their own languages. Evidently, because the Internet is full of people who think Americans should only speak “American”, this led to threats of a boycott. Though the hashtag “boycottcoke” initially led to comments like “America the Beautiful was meant to be sung in our accepted language” and “You can’t sing an American song in another language!”, it was soon overtaken by Twitter users explaining how ridiculous the complaints were. Only in America could a harmless soda ad lead to heated online arguments about race, patriotism and diversity ... Discuss

In an effort to boost sales across the U.K., Coca Cola recently issued a report that discussed bold new strategies to get consumers to put down boring beverages like “water” and “tea,” and turn to a refreshing, sugary alternative. Because their research found that a quarter of beverages are consumed before 10 a.m., they are now looking for ways to convince customers that starting their day off with a soda is somehow a good idea. The report asks, "How do we motivate people to make soft drinks, like smoothies, juices and other on-the-go products, part of their morning ritual in the same way as tea or coffee?" (In a follow-up statement, Coke said that they are actually referring to smoothies and juice as breakfast drinks, although that's not exactly how the initial report was worded.) Why not just convince people to exclusively drink Coke as their only source of hydration? What could possibly go wrong? … Discuss

When a 31-year-old in woman Monaco began have heart problems and fainting spells, she went to local doctors to try and find out what was wrong. As it turns out, drinking nothing but soda for more than half of your life can have negative health consequences. Doctors say that the woman had developed critically low potassium levels and an erratic heart beat after drinking two liters of soda every day for the last 16 years. For most of her life she didn’t consume a single ounce of water—unless you count the kind that is highly caffeinated, sugar-infused and bubbly. Fortunately, a week after visiting the doctors, her potassium levels and cardiac activity returned to normal when she decided to follow some radical medical advice—she stopped drinking soda … Discuss

When Coca-Cola isn’t making inspiring videos about vending machines that unite cultures, they’re apparently busy commissioning other amazing YouTube videos. If you ever played the board game Mouse Trap as a kid, you’ll appreciate the insanely difficult and complicated intricacy used to put cubes of ice into these 61 Coke glasses … Discuss