The Dylan/Cash Comeback?

Their heydays may be over, but the legacies of Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan are bigger than ever

It's that time of year again. It seems to come a little sooner every year and, as with every other year, we took our sweet time delivering it. Things like this just can't be rushed. We haggled over it. We went back to the beginning of the year and listened to everything over again. We threw chairs at people who didn't agree with our personal picks and, finally, we set our list in stone. Read More


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Global superstar and human Christmas tree Taylor Swift was flipping through her fan mail recently (which, by the way, she gets a lot of, and it's genuinely cool that she takes time to read at least some of it) and happened upon an invitation to Gena Gabrielle's bridal shower in Ohio. Miss Swift has never met Gena or anything, but she was touched enough by the offer to take her up on it, all unbeknownst to Gena or anyone else at the shower. And she filmed the whole thing and posted it to her YouTube page, for good measure. Publicity stunt? Sure. But it's hard enough to get your close friends to come to a shower, so it's fun when an international celebrity takes time out of a very busy schedule to make it.

The look on Gena's face is great, and T-Swift brought along a covered wagon's worth of cookware for the married couple-to-be. Who needs a steady boyfriend when you can make a girl's wedding shower dreams come true just by showing up? ... Discuss


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