Like most things involving Drake, the hip-hop superstar’s latest album cover—featuring a tiny version of the Toronto rapper perched on top of a building—became a meme within hours of being released this week. Now, a new website lets users create their own version of Views from the 6, allowing you to sit a tiny Drake, literally, on whatever photo you can find. This is why the Internet was made people. Discuss

Over the weekend at Coachella, Sufjan Stevens joined Gallant onstage for a special rendition of the Prince hit “Purple Rain.” The audio on this fan-shot clip isn’t great, but it’s still cool to see two contemporary favorites pay tribute to a true pop icon. Discuss

Yesterday, hip hop star Drake released the cover of his upcoming album Views From The 6, which, evidently, is not a joke. The artwork (seen below—again, not a joke), shows a tiny image of the Toronto rapper perched on top of the city’s CN Tower, staring off into the distance. Within hours of his tweet, the image had already become a meme.

Of course, the man behind "Hotline Bling" and a closet full of bold sweaters is no stranger to parody or even self-parody, so, we may never know if we’re laughing with him, or at the cover art itself. Either way, everyone is now talking about the record, which drops later this week, so either scenario, Drake wins. Discuss

This week, singer/songwriter John Mark McMillan discusses the five songs that changed his life. Also, author and theologian Jeremiah J. Johnston talks about the big questions Christians need to be able to answer. Photographer-to-the-stars Andy Barron steps in as guest host, Joy updates us on her “investigation” into one of the world’s great mysteries, and much more. Read More

Yesterday, music legend Prince died suddenly at the age of 57, and for the last 24 hours, celebrities and fans have been reflecting on their own interactions with the infamously unique pop icon. Prince was known to bust out a pair of bejeweled roller skates, go door-to-door as a Jehovah’s Witness and paint rented mansions purple. But, one of his more interesting recent moments came last spring, when he released a new surprise single—a cover of a song from CCM star Nichole Nordeman (which you can listen to here).

The song “What If” was a Christian radio hit back in 2005 when it was first released, making it somewhat of an interesting choice as a single for Prince, though, in his later years, he began to take faith seriously. The singer actually declared that he would no longer swear in 2014, after becoming a devout Jehovah’s Witness, and reportedly read the Bible regularly.

You can go here to read the lyrics of the song, which go, in part:

What if He takes His place in history / With all the prophets and the kings / Who taught us love and came in peace / But then the story ends, what then … But what if you're wrong / What if there's more / What if there's hope / You never dreamed of hoping for

Jimmy Eat World’s appreciation for pop superstar Taylor Swift is well documented. Now, Swift is returning some of the love. The latest ad for Apple Music features nothing but 60-seconds of Swift unashamedly rocking out to the 2001 hit “The Middle.” It’s not the first time her early 2000s emo fandom has made headlines; Last April, she had Dashboard Confessional play at a friends birthday party. Discuss