My Morning Jacket has teamed with the outdoor clothing brand North Face for a new campaign that raises money to preserve public lands. The group recorded a cover of the Woody Guthrie classic “This Land Is Your Land” (which is featured in the new North Face ad below), with half of the iTunes proceeds from the song going to 21st Century Conservation Service Corps. North Face has already chipped in a $250,000 donation to the organization as part of the project ... Discuss

On '1989,' Taylor Swift Explores the Limits of Her Identity

Taylor Swift is an example of why our culture loves authenticity ...and what we still don't get about it. Read More

The band OK Go is no stranger to elaborate music videos. But their latest, for the song “I Won’t Let You Down” may be their most technically impressive yet, employing the use of weird little scooter things, hundreds of umbrellas, a flying drone-mounted camera and a small army of dancers. They’ve come a long way since their treadmill days. OK Go recently spoke with RELEVANT about the creative process, filmmaking and what's like becoming YouTube stars .. Discuss

The duo of Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward have announced their latest project: She & Him’s follow-up to last year’s Volume 3 will be a covers album called Classics. In the preview believe, Deschanel sings the 1971 top-40 tune "Stay Awhile” from The Bells, along with an orchestra playing a composition from Ward. You can here more clips from the record, which drops on Dec. 2, over on their website ... Discuss

There are only so many notes out there, so there are bound to be some sour grapes whenever a song gets big. At first, that's what the latest accusation of plagiarism leveled at rock gods Led Zeppelin seemed like, but lately, the accusation is taking on some weight. So much so that a judge has thrown out the band's request to dismiss the case.

The accusations in question surround "Stairway to Heaven," the one Led Zeppelin song you've definitely heard even if you don't listen to Led Zeppelin. A not-wildly-famous '70s band called Spirit has long claimed that Zep stole the chords from their 1968 song "Taurus." The two bands did tour together for some time, giving the accusation a hint of merit. Spirit frontman Randy Craig Wolfe died penniless, but his wife has taken up his cause, pursuing a lawsuit for monetary damages. You've doubtless heard "Stairway to Heaven" before, so take a listen to "Taurus" below and see what you think. Discuss