On this week's episode we talk with Jen Hatmaker about her new book “For the Love,” and Rend Collective walks us through some of their favorite tracks from the new album “As Family We Go.” Also, Joy is in town for the anniversary show and the A/C is broken. This show is sponsored by The Great Courses. Read More

Isn’t it awesome when a last-minute change works for the better? Well, for some unknown reason, Frank Ocean decided not to attend FYF Fest in Los Angeles this weekend—and he was scheduled to headline Saturday night. In his place, the FYF stage will host none other than Kanye West. This switch happened just two days before the festival. According to the FYF website, “Ocean has decided on his own terms to cancel his appearance,” but they’re excited to have Kanye “play this weekend in his newly adopted home of Los Angeles.” Discuss

Well this is a little random. If you’ve ever wanted to see Mumford and Sons invite Blink 182’s co-frontman Mark Hoppus on stage to cover The Eurythmics’ “Sweet Dreams,” than today is your lucky day. Otherwise, this video—filmed by a fan on the band’s “Gentlemen of the Road” road tour, is worth the watch just for the novelty factor alone. Discuss

Ryan Adams has released yet another clip from his upcoming cover album of Taylor Swift’s 1989. Like his previews of “Bad Blood” and “Out of the Woods,” despite being under 30 seconds, it’s pretty great. Discuss

11 Live Acoustic Worship Songs You Need to Hear

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For the first time in more than two years, Underoath will take the stage together at California’s 2016 Self Help Music Festival next spring. In an interview with Alternative Press, Aaron Gillespie and frontman Spencer Chamberlain said that though they wouldn’t rule out more collaborations, and even writing more music together, for now, no other shows are scheduled. The band scored two Grammy Nominations and two gold records during their mid-2000s heyday, but disbanded after several members left to pursue other projects, including Gillespie, who has gone on to front The Almost and release two worship albums. Gillespie was also asked by the AP about being labeled a “Christian band,” and whether he thought that title still fit.

My personal belief is that I don’t think it’s right for Underoath to put a label on what it is. It’s something separately to each one of us, and I think it’s something separate to every single person who bought those records. For some people, it is a Christian thing and for some it isn’t. There are definitely Christian themes in our music, but we all have different belief systems now. That’s not to say any of us believe in sacrificing goats under a tree. I’m definitely a Christian, but I don’t think Underoath should be a “Christian band.” I think it needs to be something that’s ambiguous enough that anyone can latch onto it and find what they want to find. And I think that’s the beauty of what Underoath is.