Of Monsters and Men

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Of all the experiences you wouldn't expect to turn into a worship service, a singing competition on live TV is probably high on the list. But, that didn't stop The Voice contestant Jordan Smith from belting out a beautiful rendition of "Great is Thy Faithfulness." His simple piano ballad got high praise from the judges as well as giving us "all the feels."


Last night at Radio City Music Hall, Adele sang some of her hits as well as some unreleased tracks from 25, including "Water Under the Bridge," which may be her peppiest tune yet. If there's one thing Adele is known for, it's devastatingly sad songs about heartbreak. But it seems our soulful sweetie has turned over a new leaf, because this new song may be about your beating heart being ripped our of your chest mercilessly, but it also has tambourines. So keep calm, carry on and here is some more Adele.


If you enjoyed the Justin Timberlake/ Chris Stapleton collaboration, you may be in luck. Timbaland told TMZ that he and JT, both being "raised country," may have hopes to tackle the genre. This isn't the first time Timberlake has delved into the country genre. If you remember the 2013 film Inside Llewyn Davis, you remember Justin Timberlake first showing off his country-folk chops.

When asked point-blank if a JT/Timbaland country album was headed our way, Timbaland said "You know what, now that you put it out there: Why not?" So basically, everyone get your Justin Timberlake cowboy hats and belt buckles before they sell out. Discuss

Pop superstar Adele performed a live version of the song “When We Were Young” from her upcoming album 25 at London’s Church Studios. So far, here is what we know about the highly-anticipated album: Adele has an incredible voice and writes really great songs about failed relationships. Shocking, we know. Discuss

Nearly two decades after his tragic death, never-released material from singer/songwriter Jeff Buckley will be released to fans. The 10 songs are mostly covers from artists including The Smiths, Bob Dylan and Led Zeppelin, along with early versions of two Buckley originals. The songs were originally recorded as demos for record executives. “The Addabbo Sessions” drop in March, but you can go here to listen to Buckley’s cover the Sly & The Family Stone hit “Everyday People.” Discuss