Global superstar and human Christmas tree Taylor Swift was flipping through her fan mail recently (which, by the way, she gets a lot of, and it's genuinely cool that she takes time to read at least some of it) and happened upon an invitation to Gena Gabrielle's bridal shower in Ohio. Miss Swift has never met Gena or anything, but she was touched enough by the offer to take her up on it, all unbeknownst to Gena or anyone else at the shower. And she filmed the whole thing and posted it to her YouTube page, for good measure. Publicity stunt? Sure. But it's hard enough to get your close friends to come to a shower, so it's fun when an international celebrity takes time out of a very busy schedule to make it.

The look on Gena's face is great, and T-Swift brought along a covered wagon's worth of cookware for the married couple-to-be. Who needs a steady boyfriend when you can make a girl's wedding shower dreams come true just by showing up? ... Discuss


The site Movoto has put together this interactive map of the United States that shows where throughout the country specific genres of music are most popular. After clicking on a selected style of music, the color-coded maps indicates where its most listen to. How did they measure popularity? According to the site, “We calculated musical taste scores using data from the National Endowment of the Arts, the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis (via the Martin Prosperity Institute) and state level music preferences from Wikipedia.” Sounds pretty official. Who knew bluegrass was so popular in the Pacific Northwest? We knew gentle bands were big up there, but bluegrass? ... Discuss


Now, because we can't see his face, we don't know that this is Leonardo DiCaprio dancing to MGMT at Coachella. But whoever's taking the video sure seems to think it is, and Mr. DiCaprio had been spotted at Coachella earlier that day wearing that exact same outfit, so let's hope that it's Leonardo DiCaprio dancing to MGMT at Coachella, because it is a thing of beauty. Should Mr. DiCaprio fail to ever take home his long-denied Oscar for acting, he should consider dancing, because he's got literally everything it takes ... Discuss


The Black Keys have released the title track off their forthcoming Turn Blue and, in keeping with that first song we heard from the album, it's another hazy, psychedelic departure from the straight-up rock and roll the boys cut their teeth on. It still sounds like something from the '60s and '70s, but it's definitely more Doobie Brothers than Zeppelin. The full album drops next month ... Discuss


Vulture has posted a preview video of the upcoming ballet from choreographer Justin Peck and indie musician/font connoisseur/composer Sufjan Stevens, “Everywhere We Go.” The production is actually the second collaboration between the pair, having worked together on the “Year of the Rabbit” ballet in 2012. Fans can head over to to get tickets for the event, which premiers on May 8 ... Discuss


Broken Bells—the indie rock super duo of Shins frontman James Mercer and producer Danger Mouse—are passionate about saving the Earth from outer space threats to human existence. They’ve announced that for every ticket sold for their upcoming West Coast tour, they’ll donate $1 to the B612 Foundation’s Sentinel mission, a project dedicated to identifying deep space asteroids that potentially pose a threat to Earth. The group is working on a plan to launch a new space telescope with the mission of finding large asteroids that could be on a crash course with the planet so scientists could have advanced warning. Presumably, because of the efforts of the B612 Foundation and Broken Bells, should an asteroid threaten the future of mankind, we would have plenty of time to assemble a ragtag group of oil drillers and their scruffy leader, willing to pay the ultimate price ... Discuss