Damien Jurado Comes Home

The singer-songwriter on faith, America and why his music only tells half the story

There are only so many notes out there, so there are bound to be some sour grapes whenever a song gets big. At first, that's what the latest accusation of plagiarism leveled at rock gods Led Zeppelin seemed like, but lately, the accusation is taking on some weight. So much so that a judge has thrown out the band's request to dismiss the case.

The accusations in question surround "Stairway to Heaven," the one Led Zeppelin song you've definitely heard even if you don't listen to Led Zeppelin. A not-wildly-famous '70s band called Spirit has long claimed that Zep stole the chords from their 1968 song "Taurus." The two bands did tour together for some time, giving the accusation a hint of merit. Spirit frontman Randy Craig Wolfe died penniless, but his wife has taken up his cause, pursuing a lawsuit for monetary damages. You've doubtless heard "Stairway to Heaven" before, so take a listen to "Taurus" below and see what you think. Discuss

The 1975

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Virgil Griffith is a CalTech student who set out to find the correlation between average SAT/ACT scores and favorite bands, because life is short and we've all got to fill our days the best way we know how. Using Facebook, CollegeBoard stats and his own know-how, he put together this chart, broadly correlating bands' fan bases with their intellect. Of course, as he notes on his site, correlation does not equal causation, so the chart might not mean anything at all, but it's interesting. As you might expect, Beethoven fans are the smartest, followed by Sufjan fans. Meanwhile, Lil Wayne fans are solidly in last place. Among Christian bands, Jars of Clay fans rank smartest and as for last place, well, don't take it personally, Casting Crowns fans ... Discuss

Damien Jurado Comes Home

The singer-songwriter on faith, America and why his music only tells half the story Read More

Here's a live video of the Lone Bellow performing "Then Came the Morning," the title track from their upcoming album, which will be released on January 27th. The Lone Bellow thrive in a live environment, and this video showcases just what makes the band click. See for yourself ... Discuss

In many ways, electronic music, once the outcast of the music world, has become part of the popular crowd.

Music like NONONO is a good example of why it’s catching on. Take, for example the Swedish trio’s single “Pumpin’ Blood”: It’s catchy and dance-inducing, layering beats, whistles and other effects under airy vocals.

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