This week we talk to one of the most prolific songwriters and worship leaders of our day, Chris Tomlin (and you won’t believe some of the questions we ask him). We also talk to author and theologian, Peter Enns about his new book, “The Bible Tells Me So,” and we relive some classic church lock-in memories. Read More

U2's bombastic, free Songs of Innocence release is the sort of thing that sort of forces you to have an opinion (the album was forced onto your hard drive, so, why not?). Some people saw it as the way of the future. Some people saw it as a grand gesture from a big band. Some people felt like the music was, well, forced on them. And then there's Black Keys drummer and noted Belieber archfoe Patrick Carney, who says the giveaway hurt U2's reputation. Apple's delivery method, "devalued their music completely," Carney told The Seattle Times, and said the deal "sends a huge mixed message to bands… that are just struggling to get by. I think that [U2] were thinking it’s super generous of them to do something like that."

Carney's opinion isn't so different from Bono's, who recently told Rolling Stone that "I had this beautiful idea and we got carried away with ourselves. Artists are prone to that kind of thing: [a] drop of megalomania, touch of generosity, dash of self-promotion and deep fear that these songs that we poured our life into over the last few years mightn't be heard. There's a lot of noise out there. I guess we got a little noisy ourselves to get through it" ... Discuss

Where other people saw predictive text as a new iOS feature that got what you were about to say right oh, maybe, half the time, Musician Jonathan Mann saw an opportunity. Here is his pop song comprised entirely of lyrical nonsense put together by Apple's predictive text, and it's the first true jam of the fall. "The only one who has been the most important thing is the only thing that could have a great way to the best of the best part is that it would mean the absolute world to me and my life" indeed ... Discuss

Milk-eyed lady of the lowlands Taylor Swift has released a new song, which she wrote with fun.'s Jack Antonoff (you know how we feel about Jack Antonoff). It's a pretty clear postmortem analysis of Swift's brief but beautiful fling with Harry Styles (she even references a snowmobile accident the two had a few years back). Come on, Tay. Don't cry because it's over. Smile because you get to write a billion dollar song about it. In any case, it sounds like a Taylor Swift song, albeit one with an awful lot of Bleachers-y synth and drums thrown in ...

UPDATE: The video has been pulled from YouTube, but it's now available on iTunes. Discuss

The NFL has had a terrible year, fraught with baffling decisions. And while the choice to get global superstar and possible Christian hip-hop copycat Katy Perry to play the Halftime Show (and, reportedly, having her pay for the "opportunity" to do so) isn't their most egregious decision, it's still an odd one. The NFL has spent the year making it clear that it does not care about women, only to now offer what is probably supposed to be an olive branch in the form of Katy, who has much more to lose from this show than she has to gain. Supposedly, both Coldplay and Rihanna were also in consideration but, for some reason, the NFL is keeping quiet on the most obvious selection... Discuss

Sam Smith is a vocal genius. His debut album was one of our favorite albums of 2014's halfway point. But something Sam Smith isn't good at? Getting his stories to add up. After performing in Nashville on Sunday, Smith tweeted to his new legions of fans: "Nashville, sorry I can't come out to say hey tonight after the show!! Still not feeling 100% and need to sleep!! So sorry xxxx" Well, it's not like anyone expects musicians to mingle with the commoners, but still a nice gesture. Or so we thought.

Just a few hours after that tweet, at nearly four in the morning, Smith tweeted "Best night EVER at a karaoke bar in Nashville!!!!!!!!!" with several pictures of him taking the karaoke stage. So, which one is it, Sam Smith? Are you a sickly old man, sniffling in the back of your trailer? Or are you feeling up to partying till the wee hours at Lonnie's, Nashville's third best karaoke spot? ... Discuss