Yesterday, at Kanye West’s “Yeezy Season 3” fashion show/listening party for his new album The Life of Pablo, the hip-hop star made the surprise announcement that he was releasing a look at the video game he’s been working on. Called Only One—like the name of his 2014 single—the game is apparently based on his mother’s 2007 death—and her journey to heaven. Though there weren't too many details available (like a release date or a platform), the concept is that players help guide Donda West "to the highest gates of heaven by holding her to the light.” You can see the trailer below: Discuss

Justin Bieber’s “Sorry” may be a catchy jam, but let’s be honest with ourselves here, it’s not exactly the most lyrically deep song ever written. Vanity Fair asked a bunch of celebrities—including John Krasinski, Maya Rudolph, John Legend, Jenny Slate, Jon Hamm, Don Cheadle, Bryce Dallas Howard, Judd Apatow and other—to do their best dramatic readings of lyrics like “I hope I don’t run out of time, could someone call the referee.” The results are as weirdly entertaining as you’d expect. Discuss

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The one-take YouTube masters OK Go have come a long way since their days of impressively dancing on treadmills. In this video for their song “Upside Down & Inside Out,” the band takes to the skies for a zero-gravity performance that will give you a new appreciation for some of the world’s most innovative music video filmmakers. Discuss

Kanye West has finally decided on a name for his new album. No, it’s not So Help Me God, Swish or Waves, as be previously announced. Instead, one of the “greatest albums of all time” which started as a “God dream” and turned into a gospel album with “a whole lot of cursing” is now called The Life of Pablo. His seventh studio album—which, yes, features a collaboration with gospel artist Kirk Franklin—releases today at a massive listening party at Madison Square Garden that will be streamed on Tidal. Discuss

The Killers have found a legendary new collaborator for their upcoming album. In an interview with Shazam, Elton John revealed that he is helping the band's frontman Brandon Flowers write songs for their follow-up to 2012’s Battle Born. The legendary artist said that he’s long been a Killers fan and that he and Flowers regularly bounced creative ideas off of each other. There’s no word yet on a release date for the new record, but John said he is planning on joining the band in their Las Vegas studio soon. Discuss