Your (Slightly Early) Christmas Playlist

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If you were lucky enough to catch Outkast on their 2014 reunion tour, than you saw one of Andre 3000’s jumpsuits, featuring a provocative, current event inspired slogan. Now, all 47 of them will be part of an art exhibit—called i fell ya—put on by the Savannah College of Art and Design at Miami's Mana Miami that will be "an invitation to think critically and consider rhetorical expression.”

As a release about the event explains, each of the jumpsuits contains “musings and observations– a response to today's content-heavy digital landscape, which provides an unrelenting flood of images and opinions.” The jumpsuit displays will be accompanied by paintings and a film that “uses the thoughts and expressions on the jumpsuits as a creative point of departure to build a broader conversation about language and context.” If you want to check it out, the exhibit kicks off on Dec. 3 and runs through the 14th ... Discuss

Sure Spotify, iTunes and other digital outlets have made music easier to purchase, more mobile and cheaper than ever, but as these sales stats show, vinyl is having a serious comeback. As the statistical data site Statista shows in the infograph below, global vinyl sales have surged over the last 15 years, bringing in $218 million in 2013 alone. That may only be a relatively small part of overall music sales, but considering the technology has basically been obsolete for decades, it still says a lot about music fans’ love of old school analogue ... Discuss

The vocal wizards of Pentatonix have released their own version of the holiday staple “Mary Did You Know?” that’s currently blowing up YouTube. Even if Christmas music isn’t your thing, the a cappella display is still pretty mind-blowing ... Discuss

As you may remember, U2 was scheduled to play a five-day-long stint on The Tonight Show this week. Sadly, those plans had to be scrapped after Bono was in a pretty serious cycling accident in Central Park. Thankfully, Jimmy Fallon had a solution of how to fill the slot while Bono recovers. Fallon does such a spot-on impression of the frontman that if Bono can't actually be at the show, Fallon will just become Bono ... Discuss

Last night, the Memphis Grizzlies pulled off a win over the Houston Rockets. Timberlake tweeted his support of the Grizzlies (well, insomuch as tweeting "Grizzlies" can be a supportive tweet) right before some guy accused him of being a bandwagon fan. But that guy, James Stendebach, now knows that trolling Justin Timberlake is a steep climb, to be braved by only the surest heart. No sooner had Stendebach accused Timberlake of riding a bandwagon than Timberlake responded with the tweet below—which is what they call, in the Twitter business, getting served. Stendebach tried to back pedal, but he's clearly learned his lesson: what goes around comes around ... Discuss