The chart-topping rapper has built a career out of asking questions. With his new album, he's ready to deliver some answers.

Unlike the Emmys or the Oscars, the VMAs aren't really about who takes home the trophy. They're actually about ...well, who knows what they're actually about? This year, there were no scandals to launch an avalanche of thinkpieces about Miley Cyrus or the oversexualization of a generation. In fact, Miley's one and only moment was winning an award for best music video, and she used the moment to raise awareness about teen homelessness. The VMA's also gave a refreshing amount of time to women, and a huge amount of time to Thé Woman. Yes, the most notable moment from the VMA's was Her Royal Beyonceness' epic, 16-minute medley which brought the Internet to its knees and the Knowles-Carter family to their feet. All told, not nearly the garbage heap the VMAs tend to be ... Discuss

HBO has released the full trailer for Dave Grohl’s new documentary series, Foo Fighters: Sonic Highways. Even if you’re not a Foo fan, the show looks like it could be pretty great. Throughout the series, Grohl visits studios around the country while recording his new record as part of a “love letter to American music,” interviewing everyone from Pharrell and Willie Nelson, to President Obama and Dolly Parton, along the way. The eight-part series kicks off on Oct. 17 ... Discuss

From Apocalyptic Urban Outfitters Employee to Dust Bowl Diva to Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century, Taylor Swift contains multitudes. Is she none of them? Is she all of them? Watch the supercut and judge for yourself ... Discuss

As a public service announcement, we at RELEVANT feel duty-bound to inform you that immensely popular "rock" band and human garbage disposal impersonators Nickelback have summoned whatever tepid muses they consult for what passes as "inspiration" to flush another album out into a world that never did them any wrong. This witch's brew of complacency doesn't have a title yet, but the first single is called "Edge of a Revolution." It sounds like a rusty old Chevette crashing into a semi-truck full of goats, which is to say it sounds like every other Nickelback song. This particular jumble of junk riffs and drum splats has the benefit of frontman Chad Kroeger's keen political insights, with lines like "What do we want? We want change! How we gonna get there? A revolution!" that make Black Eyed Peas sound like William Faulkner. We'll have to deal with the rest of the album later this year ... Discuss

Does the sunshine seem a little sweeter? Do the brooks babble a bit more sugary? Does the laughter of children fill you with new delight? Of course it does. Global superstar and benevolent fairy godmother Taylor Swift has ushered in a new era of joy and fidelity by announcing a new album. It's called 1989, the year Taylor's cherished soul first graced our weary planet. The cover is a Polaroid, because she is the ghost of a Civil War widow. And the first single is called "Shake It Off," which is about dancing, ignoring the haters and the charmed whirlwind that Taylor Swift calls life. Welcome to the new world order ... Discuss


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