There was another musician performing with The Roots last night on The Tonight Show. Hip-hop star Lecrae sat in with the band, rapping between segments. (His appearance starts at the 4:50 mark of this video.) Jimmy Fallon even gave a shout out to his book Unashamed, which recounts his story of overcoming a difficult childhood to find faith and eventually, superstardom in the world of hip-hop. Discuss

Hulu, already the home of original content like The Mindy Project, is looking to expand into the documentary space. And the streaming service's first get is pretty big. The company announced today that it acquired exclusive streaming rights to Ron Howard's upcoming documentary The Beatles: Eight Days a Week, after the film hits theaters in the fall. Vulture reports that Hulu plans to launch a whole documentary films department—which is obviously been a big market for its competitor Netflix. Howard’s The Beatles looks at the formation and early years and colossal success of the Fab Four. Discuss

Yesterday, the band that made the soundtrack to your youth-group years dropped a hint. dc Talk updated its Facebook cover image to a basically black graphic with the number "2017" across it. Of course, it's not totally clear—and things with dc Talk are always up in the air—but this can't be anything if not a hint at new music or maybe a reunion tour coming next year. Imagine that, the year of President Donald J. Trump (we're just saying, it could happen) could also see dc Talk back together. What a time to be alive. Discuss

This morning, Kanye West called in to Steve Harvey's radio show, Steve Harvey in the Morning. And because it was a Kanye interview, he basically talked about everything—Vulture called it Kanye’s TED Talk. The "conversation" even landed on Kanye’s infamous interruption of Taylor Swift at the forever-ago VMA awards. This was the big moment of the show, because Kanye shed new light on why he didn’t let T-Swift finish her speech. You see, he had to stop her; it was activism. And it has something to do with bringing MTV to justice, but that part isn’t as clear. Here’s what he said (as transcribed by Vulture):

As soon as Britney shaved her head and they saw the money going down, they had already marked what that award was gonna be that night. But they didn't expect no activist that had just lost his momma a year [earlier] sitting there with a bottle of Hennessy. The only reason why I drank the Hennessy in the first place was because I said, 'I'ma have to just get drunk to deal with all the lies I'm about to see.

It was his duty to society. What was Ye supposed to do? Discuss

The day has come. After their strange “anti-viral” marketing campaign, Radiohead has just released a new song—and a creepy video. The claymation style video for “Burn the Witch” tells a story similar to The Wicker Man, of a political figure who visits a village led by a religious leader and a cult, who meets an untimely demise in a ritual sacrifice. The imagery, matched up with the cutesy animation, is pretty unsettling. You can hear the new tune and extract your own sinister meaning from the video below. Discuss

Well, this is strange. Over the last few days, all of the content on Twitter accounts and Facebook pages belonging to Radiohead and Thom Yorke have been deleted. At the same time, fans in the U.K. received weird leaflets that said “Sing the song of sixpence, burn the witch. We know where you live.” Huh. Could the flyers contain clues to an upcoming album release date?

Is it all part of an “anti-viral” marketing campaign (as suggested by Vulture), hinting about the new album? Is Radiohead just being weird because they are Radiohead? All of the scenarios seem plausible, though considering some recent rumors about the new record, a long-awaited new Radiohead album finally coming this summer seems likely. Discuss