This week, we talked with hip-hop artist Derek Minor about his EP "1014," the state of modern hip-hop and why Christians can not be silent about racial injustice. Also, Science Mike McHargue joins us for discussions about the Snap Spectacles, the world’s largest telescope, the merits of Arrested Development and more. The gang also plays a new fall TV-themed game, listen to Bieber lead worship and find out what science tells us about why so many people are interested in celebrity news. Read More

Hillsong United has released a new video from their Of Dirt and Grace live visual album, and it’s pretty stunning. Recorded in the Holy Land, the album and videos take place at different biblical landmarks and socially significant areas, thematically tied to each song (like this version of "Oceans," performed on a boat in the Sea of Galilee.)

This version of “Street Called Mercy” shows the contrasting visuals of two nearby streets, including the Via Dolorosa, the actual street Jesus walked while carrying the cross to the crucifixion

In the video description they explain,

We wanted a place to represent the struggle of life and the Mercy of God - so the contrasting pictures in this one we believe are not only beautiful but define what the song is about. One part is a street heading directly to the Dead Sea—a baron street, with ruins and vandalism around—we believe remnants of British occupied territory in the early 1900's. The Other-The Via Dolorosa from in Jerusalem, the street that is widely accepted as to where Jesus walked carrying his cross on the greatest ever journey of Mercy.


This week, Crowder performs songs from his new album “American Prodigal” live from the studio. We also talk with Matthew Soerens, the US Director of Church Mobilization for World Relief and the co-author of “Seeking Refuge: On the Shores of the Global Refugee Crisis,” about how you can help some of the world’s most vulnerable communities. The gang also talks about the evolution of late-night comedy and the war on drugs. They discuss Andy Mineo’s beef with “Esquire” magazine, learn about a dental industry conspiracy and a lot more! Read More

Hip-hop artist Andy Mineo wanted to figure out a way for deaf fans to enjoy his music videos.

Mineo wrote “Hear My Heart” as a tribute to his deaf older sister, and wanted to make a video where viewers could “see sounds.”

The result, is pretty incredible. Discuss

Pop superstar Justin Bieber is currently bringing his Purpose tour to Europe, and had a special surprise for fans in Paris. In the middle of the set, Biebs led an acoustic singalong of the classic worship song “I Could Sing of Your Love Forever.”

A few fans were able to catch the performance on their phones. (You can see the videos below.)

Biebers is famously a fan of worship music. Last year he named “No Longer Slaves” from Jonathan and Melissa Helser of Bethel Music as one of his favorite songs. At a concert in L.A. late last year, he even brought author and pastor Judah Smith on stage to preach a sermon.


There was hip-hop drama on Twitter this afternoon. It all started when Wiz Khalifa released a track that sampled the theme song to the Netflix series Stranger Things, called, you guessed it, "Stranger Things." (Warning, it contains some strong language.

Not long after, the magazine Esquire wrote about the track, adding,

TV theme songs are always mined for hip-hop samples … So, with Stranger Things—the Netflix series that became the biggest hit of the summer—it was just a question of who would get to it first. That person is Wiz Khalifa.

The only problem, as hip-hop artist Andy Mineo noted on Twitter, Wiz wasn’t first. He’d recently released a Stranger Things-inspired track called, you guessed it, “Upside Down.”

After some serious blow back from Mineo’s fans, Esquire corrected their piece adding, “Andy Mineo had technically already released a track that sampled the Stranger Things theme, though I had never heard it until today. It turns out, his is actually far better than Wiz's song.”

Drama, you guys.