‘Parks and Rec’ Saw the Best in Millennials

It set out to be a parody of a broken political system, but it became a show about broken people relying on each other. Read More

A co-executive producer and writer for Parks and Recreation, Harris Wittels, has passed away at the age of just 30 years old. Though authorities have not confirmed a cause of death, there are some suggestions that it could have been a drug overdose. While accepting an award at a charity event last night, Amy Poehler told the audience, “Today, I lost a friend. I lost a dear, young friend in my life who was struggling with addiction.” Along with his work on several TV series (including frequent appearances in Parks and Rec), Wittels was a popular stand-up comedian and prominent Twitter personality who is credited with coining the term “humblebrag” ... Discuss

What if Andy Dwyer was transferred from Pawnee to a new parks department? A Jurassic park perhaps? Thanks to this video from Thanks Mom Productions, we no longer have to imagine what the epic Jurassic Parks and Recreation would look like. You know you would totally see this ... Discuss

Nick Offerman

Life, liberty and the pursuit of awesomeness Read More

In July, Halle Berry appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to promote her new television show, Extant, in which she plays an astronaut who returns to earth after a year in space with a big secret. Their chatter fluttered around the usual late-night show talk, but buried was a brief—but revealing—discussion about working in TV in this day and age.

“Television is a lot harder than I ever thought it would be,” Berry said. “I thought, ‘I’m going to do television so I can be with my kid more.’ I never see my daughter!” Read More

This is literally the best news we’ve heard all day. NBC has officially renewed Parks and Recreation for a seventh season. Back in January an executive from the network hinted that the series would return for the 2014-2015 season, but they’ve now officially made the great decision. Long live Leslie Knope! ... Discuss