Tech company SplashData has released its annual list of the “Worst Passwords” of the past year (otherwise known as the 25 most common), and just like 2013, “123456” topped the list. The company compiled the list by looking through databases of leaked security information from 2014. Coming in second place was the impenetrable cipher composed of strange digital characters that make up the code “password”. Some other terrible passwords include “qwerty,” “monkey,” “dragon,” “baseball,” “access,” “shadow,” “superman” and most ironically, “trustno1” ... Discuss

Meet the Elio, a new three-wheeled vehicle that can go 84 miles on a single gallon of gas. And, unlike its fuel-efficient hybrid competitors, it’s actually relatively cheap. A new Elio will only set you back $6,800. Of course, there are some questions of practicality: It only seats two people, and because of its unique design, the Elio has some obvious storage limitations. But, for commuters looking for a cheap, fuel-efficient way to get around town, the futuristic-looking three-wheeler could offer a solution. The three-cylinder micro-car goes on sale sometime next year ... Discuss

Traditional newspapers may be having a hard time competing with media rich digital outlets, but this ad designer has found an innovative way to grab readers’ attention. The Sancho BBDO advertising agency in Colombia created a 3D room in the classified section of a local newspaper to promote their client Corona Kitchen. It’s no Craigslist or anything, but it still looks pretty cool ... Discuss

Want to get a set of Google Glass for yourself? Up to now, owning a pair of the wearable computer technology was relatively difficult: You had to be a part of the “Explorer” program by applying as a tech developer, getting on a waiting list or receiving a coveted referral. But, as The Verge first reported, on April 15, for one day only, Google will let anyone become an Explorer for the price of $1,500. That will also get you a free pair of custom frames or shades. Google isn’t expected to announce a full consumer release of Glass until later this year, so this may be your last opportunity for a while to get your hands on the technology. That is, if spending $1,500 for your own personal Terminator eye is your thing ... Discuss

A Swiss-tech company called Dizmo has met their Kickstarter campaign goal of $25,000, and may release their Minority Report-like technology as soon as June. The software integrates with touch devices—like flat screen smart TVs—to allow users to move, reshape and manipulate digital objects with hand gestures. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that they are planning to integrate those cool Power Gloves Tom Cruise wore ... Discuss

If you’ve ever wondered who exactly the people are who spend their days picking fights on the Internet, fueled by an aimless rage, science has now found the answer: They’re Machiavellian psychopaths inspired by their own narcissism and sadism (science’s labels, not ours). The psychology paper conducted by researchers at the University of Manitoba linked the personality types of Internet trolls (users who intentionally pick fights, inflame emotions and derail productive conversations), to most of the “Dark Tetrad” of character qualities. The head researcher for the study told Slate that even banning trolls isn’t effective, because they will find new ways to ruin the Internet for everyone else: “Ultimately, the allure of trolling may be too strong for sadists, who presumably have limited opportunities to express their sadistic interests in a socially-desirable manner” ... Discuss