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Liberty University recently became one of only a handful of schools in the country that allow students to bring loaded handguns into classrooms. According to the new policy, students with concealed weapons permits who are in good academic and behavioral standing with the school and have no criminal history can take guns into most campus buildings. The campus ban on dancing, however, remains firm. Read More

As a lifelong gun owner from Northern Wisconsin, my guns hold a lot of personal value to me. I see them as part of my family tradition of hunting and marksmanship. I’m proud of the legacy of responsible gun ownership that has been passed down to me. Read More

A bill that would ban the sale and manufacturing of high-capacity firearm magazines has passed the Colorado Senate committee. The bill, that would make any magazine that holds more than 15 rounds illegal in the state, was one of seven new gun measures debated in the Colorado State Senate yesterday. Along with law enforcement officials and legal experts, victims of several of Colorado’s recent mass shootings also testified at the hearing. The new gun-limiting proposals were not without controversy though. Hundreds of gun rights activists went to the state capitol to protest the bills … Discuss

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