This week we talk to husband and wife duo, Rob & Kristen Bell, about their new marriage book, “The Zimzum of Love.” We also spotlight up and coming indie rock band, Colony House, learn about Jesse’s neighbor, recap the week’s news and entertainment and much more. Read More

Rob Bell and his wife Kristen have released this trailer for their upcoming book about marriage, The Zimzum of Love. Their examination of a “new way of understanding marriage” releases later this month ... Discuss

Bestselling author and former pastor Rob Bell and his wife Kristen are releasing a new book that has been described as essentially an alternative to the Driscolls’ Real Marriage. From The Zimzum of Love’s official Amazon description:

Zimzum is a Hebrew term where God, in order to have a relationship with the world, contracts, creating space for the creation to exist. In marriage, zimzum is the dynamic energy field between two partners, in which each person contracts to allow the other to flourish. Mastering this field, this give and take of energy, is the secret to what makes marriage flourish.

Bell, who left his church following the theological controversy surrounding his book Love Wins, has recently been featured on Oprah’s The Life You Want Weekend speaking tour. Zimzum hits stores next month ... Discuss

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Production on a new talk show from author and former Mars Hill pastor Rob Bell will begin soon. The Love Wins author recently Tweeted a message to his followers, informing them that on “May 14th we're taping the first two episodes of my new television show and I'd love for you to be there.” He also provided a linked to where fans can get tickets to the “transformative and exciting series.” Back in 2011, Bell left the Grand Rapids church he founded and began working on a TV show with Lost producer Carlton Cuse. Though Stronger wasn’t picked up by a network, Bell later started developing a talk show, that is now, apparently going to be airing on the Oprah Winfrey Network. Winfrey is a noted fan of Bell—not only was he a guest on her Super Soul Sunday program in September, but he’s also been invited to be a speaker on her upcoming “Life You Want Tour” ... Discuss