This week, singer-songwriter Ellie Holcomb performs live from the RELEVANT studio, and we talk with author and pastor Tim Keller about the deeper message of Advent. The gang also discusses Christmas decoration strategies, Twitter’s top trending topics of the year, the significance of Chance the Rapper’s seven Grammy nominations and a lot more! Read More


This week, we talk with author, pastor and Passion founder Louie Giglio about the importance of Advent season and his new book, "Waiting Here for You". We also chat with synth-pop outfit LANY about their latest EP, "kinda", and what inspires their songwriting. Read More

This week, we talk with indie rock band Young the Giant about their latest album “Home of the Strange.” We also sit down with author and theologian Brian McLaren to discuss his new book “The Great Spiritual Migration” and hear why a major shift is happening in the church. The gang also breaks down Oxford Dictionaries' words of the year (yes, “adulting” is included), discuss the new David Blaine special, tell you how to spot fake news on Facebook and a lot more! Read More

This week on the show, Empire of the Sun joins us to talk about their new album, Two Vines, and Preemptive Love Coalition founder Jeremy Courtney calls us from the front lines of the fight to free Mosul from ISIS control in Iraq. (Hint: It's an unprecedented humanitarian crisis and opportunity.) We tell all about a new podcast we’re launching, and oh, wasn't there was an election or something this week? Read More


This week, we talk with "Doctor Strange" director Scott Derrickson about the spiritual messages of his new blockbuster and how his own faith influences his filmmaking. We also talk with Gungor about the duo’s latest record "One Wild Life: Body" and the real-life experiences that shaped the final chapter of their epic trilogy of albums. Read More

This week, we talk to Oscar-winning actress Lupita Nyong'o about her new film “Queen of Katwe” and why she gravitates toward socially redeeming stories. The team also takes an in-depth look at the brand new issue of RELEVANT, discusses America’s greatest fears, watches Obama reading mean Tweets, talks about why the gender pay gap still exists, reads some of our listeners' best (or is it worst?) dad jokes and a whole lot more! Read More