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I’ve been watching the news and debates for the upcoming presidential election, and although I think he’s completely ridiculous, I kind of want to vote for Donald Trump just for entertainment value. Is that bad?

- Irresponsible Voter?

Voter, Read More

Addy and Emma Nozell have suddenly become political celebrities. The two teenage sisters are on a mission to take selfies with every candidate in the 2016 presidential race. So far, they’ve been pretty successful. The duo has snapped pics with 15 of the hopefuls. They only have one rule when taking a picture with a potential future president of the United States: No selfie sticks. Hopefully, 2016’s new leader will follow their example and just go ahead and make selfie sticks illegal everywhere. You can follow the Nozell sisters' progress on Twitter at @PrezSelfieGirls. Discuss