From this day forth, October 3 shall be known as “The Day of Cage.” The maker’s of the new Left Behind reboot, starring America’s national treasure Nicolas Cage, have announced that the fateful fall Friday afternoon will now forever be associated with the unleashing of the actor’s most anticipated performance to date: Rayford Steele in the tribulation epic based on the bestselling series of novels. Mark your calendars, “The Day of Cage” is upon us ... Discuss


If going to museums to check out 200-year-old paintings or contemporary, abstract sculptures isn’t your thing, than we’ve got some good news—we may have just found the art show for you. On April 12, in San Francisco, for just $10, you can visit an exhibit 100% comprised of works inspired by, and depicting, the “unfiltered power ... chameleon like mystique” of the Left Behind Hollywood superstar. Also, they are taking submissions, so if you are like any other normal person, and have closets full of Nic Cage-inspired art that you’ve created over the years, here’s your opportunity to finally give it the audience it deserves ... Discuss


Feely Cagey is a simple concept—replace the face on every Instagram selfie with an image of Left Behind star Nicolas Cage. The infinite live stream of Cage selfies is nothing less than a hypnotic fever dream of unending terror. You will never see a selfie the same way again. Thank you, strange Internet wizard who created this surreal website. You may have just helped humanity conquer the selfie—with the power of Cage … Discuss


Nicolas Cage, star of the upcoming Left Behind film (widely regarded as our generation’s finest actor) has found himself in the middle of a tale so mysterious and riddled with intrigue, that it could be the plot of a movie itself. Six years ago, Cage purchased the fossilized skull of a Tyrannosaurus Rex for $276,000, outbidding fellow actor Leonardo DiCaprio. Now, investigators believe that the artifact could have been smuggled into Beverly Hills from Mongolia on the global fossil black market (presumably, without the actor’s knowledge). Is there more to this sordid tale than a simple mistake on the part of Cage by purchasing the illegal skull? Is Cage actually a mastermind behind the world’s most notorious T-Rex smuggling ring? Is this all a conspiracy orchestrated by a jealous DiCaprio, whose inferior acting skills are made even more evident with the release of each new Nic Cage film? Is Cage harboring ancient, prehistoric secrets foretold by the freemasons about the founding of America, now inscribed on the bones of dinosaurs? We may never know the truth … Discuss


It is now official: Nicolas Cage, the star of cinematic classics including the National Treasure franchise and the upcoming Left Behind epic, is the Best Global Actor in Motion Pictures. Cage—pictured here holding the trophy awarded to Best Global Motion Picture Actors—received the prestigious honor at China’s Global Talents Media, an event which Variety describes as an award show, “held several times per year in order to honor personalities and achievements in the sports and entertainment field.” Though Cage was gracious when receiving the honor, the award comes to no surprise to anyone who has ever seen a Nicolas Cage film.

Among the other big winners were Matthew Perry “Best global actor in a TV series” (who, notably, is not currently acting in a TV series), Avril Lavigne for Best global singer (appearing on the red carpet with her husband, Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger, the evening’s most notable snub) and Nicole Kidman for Best global actress in motion pictures. Congrats to all of the show’s big winners, but let’s face it; the night belonged to Cage … Discuss


Behold. The official Left Behind movie Facebook page has just posted this image, showing our generation’s finest actor in his finest moment—playing Capt. Rayford Steele. Look behind those world-weary eyes and you’ll catch a glimpse of the intensity of a majestic timberwolf seeking his prey, as the moment Cage’s life has been slowly building toward finally comes upon him—starring in Left Behind. Happy Friday everyone … Discuss