Really, the trailer says all there is to say: “Are you ready?" ... Discuss

Everything We Know about the ‘Left Behind’ Remake So Far

Nic Cage's epic rapture reboot hits theaters this October. Here's what you need to know to prepare. Read More

If you are legendary actor Nicolas Cage—and on the verge of a career renaissance and even higher, unprecedented levels of global fame as the star of the upcoming Left Behind film—what would you wear if you were attending a Guns N' Roses concert in Las Vegas alongside Andrew Dice Clay. If you answered a purple blazer, a chaps, a half dozen beaded necklaces and oversized rings, a cowboy hat, sunglasses, an inexplicable cane and a T-shirt with a large image of your own face on it, than of course you are correct. This is Nicolas Cage’s world. We are all just privileged enough to be living in it ... Discuss

There are moments in every person’s life when destiny and reality collide. When a supernova of revelation and imagination overcomes you, and everything you’ve ever witnessed before and everything you will ever know simply becomes a glimpse of something greater. Something magical. Something unstoppable. This is one of those moments. The trailer for the Left Behind reboot starring Nicolas Cage is here … and nothing will ever be the same again ...

From this day forth, October 3 shall be known as “The Day of Cage.” The maker’s of the new Left Behind reboot, starring America’s national treasure Nicolas Cage, have announced that the fateful fall Friday afternoon will now forever be associated with the unleashing of the actor’s most anticipated performance to date: Rayford Steele in the tribulation epic based on the bestselling series of novels. Mark your calendars, “The Day of Cage” is upon us ... Discuss

If going to museums to check out 200-year-old paintings or contemporary, abstract sculptures isn’t your thing, than we’ve got some good news—we may have just found the art show for you. On April 12, in San Francisco, for just $10, you can visit an exhibit 100% comprised of works inspired by, and depicting, the “unfiltered power ... chameleon like mystique” of the Left Behind Hollywood superstar. Also, they are taking submissions, so if you are like any other normal person, and have closets full of Nic Cage-inspired art that you’ve created over the years, here’s your opportunity to finally give it the audience it deserves ... Discuss