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Now this is cool. Musician Jarbas Agnelli noticed that a picture of birds sitting on a wire happened to resemble music notes written on a page. He decided to find out if there was any musical order to how the birds naturally arranged themselves by composing a song based on their positions on the wire. The results are this haunting song, subtly hidden in nature. Though the video been out for awhile, it’s gotten some renewed attention in the last few weeks ... Discuss


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It what we can only assume was an elaborate, Ocean’s 11 style heist involving a team of master criminals, cat burglars, safecrackers and cunning disguises, Arcade Fire has said that one of their massive “bobble head” masks have been stolen. Instead of involving law enforcement (because whoever pulled off this brazen act of thievery is likely above the law), the band has posted a message on the site Brooklyn Vegan, just asking for it back. So, if you are reading this, criminal mastermind, please do the right thing. You can see the bobbleheads in action here.

Richy's bobblehead mask was taken from our show in Bridgeport, CT. This mask is a one of a kind piece that is an essential component to our live show. We have photos of the theft but rather than press charges we would prefer if the person who took it would get in touch with us to return it. Perhaps this is all an innocent mistake and you meant to leave the venue with your own oversized paper mache rendition of Richard Parry's head? Please contact: with any information.