If you watch Mad Men, you're familiar with their baffling, context-free "Next Week On" promos that close out every episode. And while the Simpsons may not be the sharp cultural satire staple it once was, it at least knew how to put together this 30-second promo making fun of Mad Men’s much-hyped (and very serious) comeback. Can’t you just feel the dramatic tension rising? ... Discuss


The Peculiar Allure of 'Mad Men'

Why we’re always hoping for the redemption of Don Draper. Read More

Just because the AMC hit Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead are getting spin-offs, don’t expect to see anyone from the Mad Men universe again after the final season (which kicks off on April 13) and concludes next spring. When asked about the possibility of a spin-off in an interview with Vulture, series creator Matthew Weiner said,

I haven’t been approached, but I think it’s because they know I’m not interested in it … I would like to do something else, but I also would like to leave it in its state, as a whole thing, as a work. I don’t want to tamper with what we did.

Like Breaking Bad, the final season of the AMC drama will be broken into two parts, with the first seven episodes airing in April and the final shows in the spring of 2015 ... Discuss


It’s no secret that smoking is really bad for your health, and that secondhand smoke can be just as dangerous. Now researchers have found that exposure to “thirdhand” smoke—the residue and smell left behind in an area that someone has been smoking in—can cause genetic damage to cells in humans. This “genotoxicity” has been linked to diseases, including cancer. To summarize: Simply being in close proximity to a place where cigarettes may have once been, or just watching an episode of Mad Men, is a significant health risk ... Discuss