This week, we talk with rapper Lecrae about his brand-new song “Blessing” featuring a collaboration with Ty Dolla $ign, speaking out against injustice and what to expect from his upcoming album. We also speak with designer, speaker and author Erin Loechner about her new book "Chasing Slow." The gang also discusses Big Sean’s faith-inspired appearance on "Saturday Night Live," debunks some misinformation about social media and millennials, pitches a few “innovative” cafe ideas and a lot more. Read More

A brand new song from Lecrae has just dropped.

“Blessings” features a collaboration with rapper Ty Dolla $ign and will likely appear on Lecrae’s upcoming album, which is expected to be released in the coming weeks.


Rapper Lecrae is getting ready to release a new song called "Blessings", and he revealed on Twitter that it features a collaboration with Ty Dolla $ign.

It’s an interesting pairing. Lecrae’s music primarily focuses on themes like faith and social issues (and doesn’t contain profanity).

Many Ty Dolla $ign songs however contain more explicit lyrics, and he frequently references sex and drugs, but also has had lyrics discussing issues like politics and even prayer.

As Rapzilla notes, it’s not that first time Lecrae expressed his admiration for the fellow rapper. Back in 2015, he referenced the song “Miracle/Wherever” on Twitter, calling it “powerful.”

“Blessings” drops on Friday. Discuss

Hip-hop star Lecrae gave a powerful performance at the BET Awards that aired last night. In the minute-long freestyle, Lecrae addressed racial injustice, America’s troubled history and his own faith. With lines like “They telling us, 'Make America great again' / I'm like, 'Hold up, when was America great again?” and “We was taken from Africa, sold and treated like animals, culturally denigrated and separated from families, but somehow we made it this far and stood firm”

You can watch it below. Discuss

Well, this is awkward. Hip-hop star Lecrae and activist Christine Caine both have new books out this month. They just happened to have the exact same title and were released within seven days of each other. Even the covers of Unashamed are remarkably similar: Both feature a black and white photo of the books’ authors, with brightly colored lettering over the images.

The books are from two different publishers, so there’s really no way that either of them knew about that other’s title, but it is a funny coincidence. The two are even appearing at the same event later this summer.

But hey, any publicity is good publicity. We featured Lecrae in a cover story a few months ago and Christine Caine before that: They both have incredibly moving and important stories to tell, so if you’re looking for a book called Unashamed to read, you may actually want to just pick up them both. Discuss

There was another musician performing with The Roots last night on The Tonight Show. Hip-hop star Lecrae sat in with the band, rapping between segments. (His appearance starts at the 4:50 mark of this video.) Jimmy Fallon even gave a shout out to his book Unashamed, which recounts his story of overcoming a difficult childhood to find faith and eventually, superstardom in the world of hip-hop. Discuss