Lecrae Topped the Charts: Here's How He Got There

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Raised by his mother on the south side of Houston, Lecrae Moore moved around quite often as a youth. San Diego, Denver and Dallas were once home to him and the street life he idolized and pursued. But at the age of 19, Lecrae attended a conference where he saw hundreds of teenagers who looked and dressed like him, but whose lives were steered by their faith. It was there that he heard the Gospel message and recognized his need for a Savior.

He is known as a rapper, producer and entrepreneur, but Lecrae is adding another title to the list: actor.

The Christian hip-hop star has dabbled in acting before, but he’s taking his first feature film role in Believe Me, due out in 2014.

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On this week's show, hip-hop artist Lecrae joins us to talk about his chart-topping new album, Gravity, and the faith that propels his mission. This guy is legit and we're seriously big fans! We also spotlight HopeMob, an innovative organization started by Shaun King that brings hope to people with need all over the world. Also appearing, cyborg cockroaches, NFL fights and Sylvester Stallone pictures (what else is new?). Read More