The historian and moralist known as Lord Acton is credited with saying, “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men.”

The “great men” Lord Acton referred to are those in positions of power—leaders and influencers. What a despairing viewpoint of something that was intended to be a God-given gift! Read More

Season of Lentz

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The Democratization of Influence

The digital world isn't just changing how we make a difference. It's changing who can make a difference. Read More

On this week's podcast, the guys from The Digital Age stop by to perform two songs from their latest album, "Evening:Morning." Bonus: if you'd like to SEE the band perform in our office, head over to We also talk to author, speaker and leadership expert, Tim Elmore, uncover the real reason dcTalk won't reunite, and learn some very interesting/creepy details about one of our cast members... Read More

The 6 Habits of World-Changers

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Why We Need a New C.S. Lewis

The beloved works of C.S. Lewis are certainly classic, but who will fill his shoes for a new generation? Read More