Justin Timberlake and Alfonso Ribeiro were among the participants at the American Century Celebrity Golf Tournament, and like any golfers, even celebrities occasionally hit a bad shot. When Ribeiro missed the fairway on tee-shot, Timberlake knew exactly how to cheer the former Fresh Prince of Bel-Air actor up: With an impromptu Carlton dance. It’s safe to assume that for Ribeiro, this never gets old. Discuss

Attention: Did you recently get engaged on the Long Island Rail Road while listening to the Justin Timberlake song “Not a Bad Thing”? If so, you should know that JT would like a word with you. The pop singer recently released this documentary-style promo video about his search for the couple. Even though the whole thing sounds pretty gimmicky, the campaign itself appears real enough. In addition to the video, they’ve also launched for people to send in clues about the romantic duo with illustrations and details about the proposal. Yes, it appears pretty cheesy, but it’s Justin Timberlake, so he gets a pass, right? ... Discuss

There’s some good news and bad news for Justin Timberlake: The good new is his comeback effort, The 20/20 Experience, was 2013’s best-selling album; the bad news is it was the worst-selling best-seller of all time (or, at least since they started keeping track of such things in 1991). Though more than 2 million people bought 20/20, it’s the first time a year’s top-selling record sold less than 3 million copies. As Time points out, the numbers represent a shift in the music industry: Both album sales and digital downloads saw a significant drop in 2013, as more and more listeners are turning to streaming music services like Spotify ... Discuss

Just a friendly reminder, the dynamic duo of Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake will be featured on this week’s episode of Saturday Night Live. Everyone’s favorite late night personality will host the Christmas-centric show with J.T. performing. And as expected, the promos are hashtag hilarious ... Discuss

This year’s Grammy nomination ballot is a mix of familiar faces and some names new to the show, but it also manages to further demonstrate the award’s clueless criteria. Jay-Z led all artist, earning nine nominations. But, considering that even Jay-Z doesn’t think his latest album was all that great, it should tell you something about the questionable critical creditability of the Grammys. Breakout singer Lorde received four nods, including one for Song of the Year. Justin Timberlake, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Kendrick Lamar and Pharrell each received seven nominations across multiple categories. Oddly though, Macklemore and Kendrick Lamar were recognized in the Best New Artist category, despite the fact that they have both been releasing music for years, and Kendrick Lamar’s latest album, Good Kid, M.A.A.D City came out back in 2012. But, hey, this is the Grammys, so it really only matters when they first heard of them. The “Alternative” (remember when people used to use that word to describe music?) category nominees include some pretty great albums from bands including The National, Vampire Weekend and Neko Case. You can go here to see a full list of nominees. The 56th Grammy Awards air nationwide Jan. 26 … Discuss

According to a report in The New York Post, ‘N Sync will reunite for a performance at this year’s MTV VMAs, as frosted tips prepare for a glorious comeback. Justin Timberlake, the world famous, incredibly relevant and influential pop-superstar, will reunite with Joey What’s-his-name, the one who went to space or something, the guy who had dreads, and JC or Jason maybe. According to the report, the five boy-band members will come together to help celebrate Timberlake’s acceptance of the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award for his "pioneering and innovative impact" in the music video era … Discuss