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Fox is joining the list of networks creating new original programming centered on the life of Christ. The network has announced that they are developing a new series which will focus on the early life of Jesus. Nazareth will reportedly examine the years between ages 13 and 30, which are not referenced often in the Gospels. Following the massive success of The Bible miniseries, Lifetime, NBC and The History Channel also have new Jesus-centered shows in the works.

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Three very familiar faces are featured in UNICEF Sweden’s new ad campaign that encourages viewers to purchase life-saving medical supplies for children in need this Christmas. Obviously, “The Good Guys” campaign is a bit irreverent, but for advertisements that show three revered religious figures—including Jesus Christ—in a humorous light, the series is actually pretty good-natured. The message of the spots is simple—by helping others, you are emulating the actions of Jesus. You can go here to see the other two ads—which get increasingly more jokey (in one, Jesus accidently clicks a banner ad for an ab roller workout machine), but are still relatively lighthearted ... Discuss