Following Sen. Marco Rubio’s now-infamous swig of water during his State of the Union response on Tuesday, The Washington Examiner has pieced together this shocking piece of investigative journalism. The carefully arranged footage reveals an unsettling truth about the Florida Republican: He frequently takes sips of water during speeches. The question we’ve all been wondering—Was this a one-time incident, or is Marco Rubio, in fact, a serial water-sipper?seems to now be answered. The footage speaks for itself. Mr. Rubio, we once again await your response … Discuss

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This week we talk to our favorite Brooklyn band that's led by a pastor who's friends with Sufjan Stevens, The Welcome Wagon. Plus, Jungle Bird inevitably invades the episode, we again cover the Asian beat in Slices, and dole out some really fabulous life advice.

(Don't heed it.)

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This week we talk to one of America's best-known pastors, Craig Groeschel, from the innovative Oklahoma City-based His church is the team behind YouVersion, one of the most widely used apps in the world. (But we don't talk to him about that.)

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