Tensions have once again flared up on the border of Israel and Gaza, after a series of rockets were fired from the Hamas-controlled area into southern Israel. Though no one was injured in the attacks, it is seen as the most serious eruption of violence since the two sides agreed on a ceasefire following a mini-war in November. The outbreak started after a Palestinian prisoner, held by Israel, died of cancer, sparking outrage in Gaza. Israel responded to the rocket attacks by launching an airstrike on the region, targeting terror sites. An Israeli spokesperson said, “(Israel's armed forces) decided to attack overnight in order to signal to Hamas that we will not suffer any strike on the south. And any shooting will meet a response, in order to restore quiet for the south soon” …. Discuss


President Obama appeared alongside Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas in a visit to the West Bank Thursday, telling reporters that he is still committed to aiding in peace talks in the region. Though he said that he did not consider continued construction of Israeli settlements in the region to be “constructive” or “appropriate”, President Obama said he does not think the issue should be a precondition to a new round of peace negotiations. He also said that he believed a two-state solution is still possible. The issue of new Israeli settlements in the West Bank has been a major sticking point between the two sides. Also on Thursday, Palestinian militants fired a new round of rocket attacks from Gaza into southern Israel. Though a home was damaged, no one was injured in the attack … Discuss


As tensions and violence mounts between Israel and Gaza in the worst conflict in four years, how can Western observers understand and respond to this complicated conflict? Read More