Grizzly Bear, 'Shields'

Grizzly Bear’s biggest strength is building an atmosphere of a “fairy tale gone wrong”—so how does the latest release stack up? Read More

2010 New Music Guide

The Good and Bad to Pay Attention to This Year

If 2010 is anything like 2009, the “next big thing” in music will be a genre someone made up one day, possibly under the influence of something. Technology continues to be cheap and widely available, and the Internet continues to be the best distribution tool ever. It’s very possible your best friend’s album he recorded using GarageBand might get picked up by Pitchfork. Technology means artists are dusting off old sounds, rapping about sneakers and old favorites are back. In short, 2010 figures to be an exciting time for music; the Internet has changed it forever ... Read More


Covering cultural staples, especially within art and music, can be dangerous and un-reputable work. There are many books, artworks, films, songs and even albums that have escalated to super status beyond criticism. A place where subjectively judging one of these ultimate works is grounds for certain reprimanding if not excommunication from the culture or circle it lords over. All that is left for the work then is either undiscerning praise or seeming blasphemy. Some might argue that unless a work can be dismantled or even destroyed it cannot truly be revived and reestablish its true potency. Read More