5 Lies American Culture Feeds Us Every Day

We've gotten so used to hearing these, we forget they're not even true. Read More

A member of the pediatric staff at a Kentucky hospital’s intensive care unit took to Reddit to share a pretty cool Christmas Eve story about Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence: “I work in a pediatric ICU in Jennifer’s hometown. She came and visited with kids and staff, leaving signed posters galore … She’s awesome for taking time out of her trip home to brighten up the spirits of the kids stuck in the hospital on Christmas.” J-Law even posed for a few pictures. Because, like the characters she plays in movies—and like the kids and staff members at this Kentucky hospital—Lawrence is a real-life superhero ... Discuss

To honor the 25-year anniversary of TV’s greatest sitcom, a minor league hockey team in Bakersfield, California, will wear the puffy shirts made famous by Seinfeld. The Bakersfield Condors will rock the glorious jerseys on Nov. 16. And though they’ve already picked a handful of names for the backs of the puffy shirts (including Jerry, George, Kramer, Newman, Frank Costanza, Puddy, J. Peterman, Jackie Chiles and Bubble Boy) they’re also asking fans to help pick a few more. The duds will be auctioned off after the fame to benefit a group called Mastering Abilities Riding Equines (M.A.R.E.) that “provides therapeutic equine assisted activities for the benefit of people living with special needs and disabilities.” If you are going to attend, don’t forget to dress as your favorite character. The best-dressed fan will be the proud owner of a delicious loaf of marble rye—presumably the last one available at the bakery ... Discuss

According to Nielsen’s new State of the Media report, Americans are watching a ton of TV—and a ton of commercials. Their research shows that the average American TV viewer consumes 175 hours of TV every month—43 of which are commercials. And, despite the rise of on-demand streaming outlets, traditional broadcast television still dominates; Netflix and Hulu combined for just 18 hours of the average viewers monthly TV-watching.

Even though viewers have an unprecedented access to programming (189 channels on average), they only really watch a few of them (17.5). Perhaps unsurprisingly (for anyone who watches football, Downton Abbey, The Simpsons, Mad Men or any other number of critically acclaimed shows), Sunday is the most watched TV night in American, with 125 million viewers tuning in to their favorites. Uproxx has put together this rundown of some of the report’s other telling findings about American viewing habits, but the real takeaway is pretty clear: People loving sitting around and watching television ... Discuss

Warning to any gamers out there: As this video shows, if Super Mario were to ever come to life, jump out of your TV screen, and begin a real-life rampage, he could cause some serious damage to your home. We just feel you should be aware of the risks ... Discuss