After 31 years on the air, David Letterman will be signing off. As you may have seen, the Late Show host surprised audiences last night by announcing that his time on the air is coming to an end. In a surprisingly emotional segment—laced with Letterman’s signature deadpan quips—the 66-year-old TV legend told a story about fishing with his son, and the realization that the time to retire from TV for good has come. Though there’s no official date set for Letterman’s final show, his current contract with CBS ends in August of 2015. Let the search for Jimmy Fallon’s new rival begin ... Discuss


Saturday Night Live alum Will Forte has teamed with the screenwriting duo behind The Lego Movie, for a new Fox sitcom called Last Man on Earth. As the name implies, Forte will be play the last living person on the planet earth. Because watching a character wandering around talking to himself isn’t exactly a recipe for MacGruber-style hilarity, audiences may be in for some surprises; especially considering the show was originally pitched with the concept of being about two surviving members of humanity. The series is schedule to air later this year ... Discuss


The good folks over at Uproxx have compiled a list of the commercials that will be airing during a professional football game that will be played on TV this Sunday. In an effort to get the most bang for their ad-dollar buck, most companies post their spots (like the slightly unsettling one from Audi below) online early. For the handful of companies that are waiting until the big game to unveil their commercials, there are some brief descriptions of what to expect ... Discuss

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