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The hope of six seasons and a movie may still be alive. Following the conclusion of season six of Community on Yahoo, series creator Dan Harmon told EW Radio host Jessica Shaw that the streaming content provider still wants a feature-length Community movie. Harmon told the radio show,

I told Yahoo, ‘I can’t think about writing a movie until I miss Community,’ They wanted to turn around and do a movie immediately, and Yahoo can get it done. They’re like the NSA. The difficulty is in just: Can you get all the actors in the same place again?

Obviously, there’s no guarantee viewers will ever get to revisit Greendale, but if there was ever a show that has proven it is never really dead, it’s Community ... Discuss

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Two of Community’s most beloved personalities—played by Danny Pudi and Donald Glover—have reunited. Sadly, the clip is not for a sixth season of the show (Glover is not returning). Instead, the duo appeared in a recent commercial for the video game Far Cry 4. Sure, it’s a bummer that Troy and Abed will no longer be on-screen buddies on the sitcom when it comes back on Yahoo next year, but at least they’re still hanging out, right? ... Discuss