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At one point in time, boxer Mike Tyson was one of the richest, most famous athletes in the world. But after being convicted of rape and serving a stint in prison, Tyson struggled with substance abuse and eventually suffered from major financial issues. One of the strangest vestiges of the boxer’s former empire is a massive, abandoned mansion in Ohio where he lived to be closer to a trainer in the ‘80s and ‘90s. For years, the mansion has sat completely abandoned, being sold in various bank and police auctions. Now, it’s going to become a church.

The most recent owner of the Tyson mansion donated the property to Living Word Sanctuary, a Christian church that plans on converting the mansion into a ministry center. (You can a hear a pastor talk about the plans here.) The church recently invited a photographer to the grounds to take pictures of the house before renovations begin. According to photographer Johnny Joo, the church even hopes that Tyson will attend the first service at the new church when it is completed later this year ... Discuss

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