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A mosque in Canada is helping out a local Catholic church. St Catherine of Siena Roman Catholic Church was vandalized by a member of the local Muslim community who suffers from schizophrenia. When the Imam heard about the incident, he visited the church. He told The Star, “The guy who did it ripped pages out of the Bible. He broke the altar. He threw the cross. When I saw this, I thought it was pure injustice. It was just wrong.” Imam Hamid Slimi told members of the Sayeda Khadija Centre what happened to their neighbors, and in a single day, they raised $5,000 for the church. Police arrested the individual responsible for the vandalism. A priest at the church told The Independent, “It was very nice. I told people on Sunday. We have said there should be no revenge.” Discuss

Late Wednesday night, a fire started at Briar Creek Road Baptist Church, a predominantly black church in Charlotte, North Carolina. The fire took a team of 75 firefighters more than an hour to extinguish, and by the time it was out, it had destroyed part of the building, causing an estimated $250,000 in damage. Now, investigators from the local fire department say the evidence shows that the fire was set intentionally. The investigators are looking into suspects, saying it could possibly be a hate crime. The fire damaged the church’s classrooms and summer camp area for kids, but it left the sanctuary untouched, so the church will continue to hold services. The church’s pastor told WCNC that he has already forgiven whoever set the fire. “Buildings can be repaired. They can be built over,” he said. “This is the opportunity for God to touch the hearts of individuals” ... Discuss

Scratch any cynic,” says George Carlin, “and you will find a disappointed idealist.” That’s how it started for me—with frustration, disappointment and foiled dreams. Read More