Joe Riquelme, the founder of the company that makes the Videoshop editing app, sure knows how to remain nonchalant when executing a massive surprise. Yesterday, he gave his parents a nondescript envelope as a Christmas present, but it contained a pretty large surprise: Along with checkboxes showing how much his parents had sacrificed over the years for the things that come along with being the head of a family (raising kids, college loans, mortgage), the envelope contained a note that read, “Your house is paid off. Merry Christmas.” He also managed to capture the whole exchange on video, and their reaction is as great as you would expect ... Discuss

Not only is The Rock a wrestling legend, a Hollywood superstar and a fashion icon, as his recent appearance on Live with Kelly and Michael shows, he is one of culture’s great karaoke performers. Also, where can we get one of those ugly sweater onesies? ... Discuss

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Jesus and Satan are facing off in Michigan. If you happen to be walking around Michigan’s capitol grounds in Lansing this week, you will likely see a traditional nativity scene—featuring the newborn, baby Jesus—but you may also notice a different kind of “holiday” display: A Satanic "Snaketivity Scene" erected by the nearby Satanic Temple. The 3-foot-by-3-foot creation also features some religious imagery you are probably also familiar with—a snake, wrapped around a black cross emblazoned with the words “The Greatest Gift is Knowledge,” presenting humanity with a book called “Revolt of the Angels," which has a big red bow on it. Evidently, subtlety is a not a value the Satanic Temple is overly concerned with.

Unsurprisingly, some Christian legislators are not too happy with the new display, which will be up in the days leading to Christmas. Sen. Rick Jones expressed frustration that the Snaketivity was erected close to the day Christians celebrate Christ’s birth, telling Yahoo News, “We're going to ignore them. I'm not afraid of the snake people. I'm sure that Jesus Christ is not afraid." However, Satanic Temple spokeswoman Jex Blackmore clarified to the Lansing State Journal that the organization doesn’t actually worship Satan, but is more concerned with individuality and, in this case, religious liberty. She told the paper, "Having our government endorse one singular viewpoint or method of celebrating the season is problematic when we have a diverse community of people in Michigan" ... Discuss