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Using government research—which tracked a group of 15,000 high school sophomores in 2002, and then followed up with them 10 years later—The Atlantic has put together this series of charts that “offers up a statistical picture of young-adult life in the wake of the Great Recession.” The piece compiled some interesting information about American twentysomething life, like home ownership rates (one in five), how many have children (34%), how many got married (28%), how much they earn, information about reaching career goals, how much debt they carry and how education correlates with all of the categories. You can go here to see all of the charts about the “highly educated, highly indebted” generation ... Discuss


CNNMoney teamed with the site to create a list of the “best” jobs in America, based on data that measures how fast the field is growing, the number of jobs in the career and salary. They also factored in “Quality of life” ratings (like overall personal satisfaction, the job’s benefit to society, flexibility and stress level). According to their findings, jobs in the medicine and science fields are among the best in the country. With a percentage of growth and solid quality of life grades, biomedical engineer topped the list, followed by clinical nurse specialist, software architect and general surgeon. The research found that tech industry jobs (IT configuration manager, software developer) were also quickly-growing fields. Once again, anything in the field of puppetry arts was curiously absent from the list … Discuss

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In 1995, creator of the classic comic series Calvin & Hobbes Bill Watterson issued the commencement address at Kenyon College, and gave the grads some unconventional advice: Forget traditional "success", and follow your own passion. Watterson told the twentysomethings that there’s nothing wrong with raising a family instead of pursuing a career or taking less pay to do something that makes you happy. Cartoonist Gavin Aung Than decided to pay tribute to Watterson by creating this strip, illustrating the timeless advice in Calvin & Hobbes’ classic style. Be sure to check out the entire strip—it may be one of the best things you’ll read all day … Discuss