Is your day off to a rough start? At least it’s probably not as bad as this 12-year-old boy’s, who, during a visit to an art exhibition in Taiwan, tripped and fell into a $1.5 million painting. While trying to catch himself, the youngster ended up poking a large hole in the canvas. The whole unfortunate episode was, of course, captured on a security camera. Fortunately though, the young art fan won’t be held responsible for the accident. According to the Focus Taiwan News Channel, the exhibition’s organizers plan on requesting that an insurance company pay to have the painting restored. Discuss

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Meet Jordan Mang-osan. The Filipino “pyrography” artists creates some truly stunning portraits and landscapes using nothing but a magnifying glass to sear images into planks of wood. His work is currently for sale through the online retail store, Fine Art of America, but you can see more of his art up-close here. (No ants were harmed during the creation of this post) ... Discuss

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