Why Are So Many Christians Afraid of Hollywood Bible Movies?

Modern biblical films are not news reports describing a sequence of events. Read More

The reclusive creator of the beloved comic strip Calvin and Hobbes returned to the funny pages for the first time since 1995, surprising his fans around the world. Over the weekend, it was revealed that the one and only Bill Watterson had guest-illustrated a series of comics (that ran from June 4-7 ) for the syndicated series Pearls Before Swine, through the perspective of a young, imaginative girl named Libby.

In typical Watterson fashion, he made Pearls Before Swine creator Stephan Pastis promise that he wouldn’t reveal the collaboration until after the series ran. Pastis wrote on his blog, “It was the hardest secret I’ve ever had to keep,” and told The Washington Post how difficult it was to edit a legend like Watterson: “Like telling Michelangelo: David’s hands are too big.” You can go here to see the entire Watterson series. Enjoy, because it may very well be another 20 years before new Watterson comics are ever published ... Discuss


A duo of mystery students—only known as Dangerdust—are covertly sneaking around campus of the Columbus College Of Art at night, turning ordinary chalkboards into unbelievable works of art. Each hand-drawn piece contains a stylize word of advice from a famous writer or thinker—along with Dangerdust’s own chalk flare. Shortlist has posted a gallery of some of the most impressive pieces ... Discuss