What We Get Wrong About Advent

The season isn’t just about celebration, it’s about reflection. Read More

This week we talk to LA rapper, Propaganda, and get his perspective on the events in Ferguson and NYC. We also recount some of our favorite podcast moments from the past year, Chad gets a visit from the fire marshal, Jesse gets “eaten alive” and we learn about a monkey running wild through Tampa...again. This episode is sponsored by Read More

Why We Should Start Celebrating Advent Again

Louie Giglio on what the season of expectation and hope can do for the American church. Read More

This week we talk to author and speaker, Louie Giglio, about his new book on the season of Advent. We also critique the world’s most famous Christmas song, start planning our podcast Christmas party and share our heavy-hearted thoughts about Ferguson. This episode is sponsored by Read More

Making Advent Real

3 ways to cultivate a season of expectation in an age of instant gratification. Read More

What Obedience Really Costs Us

The "call of God" sounds glamorous, but as Mary shows us, it can also come with a stigma attached. Read More