Google Maps has begun rolling out a new feature that allows users to look at various routes since they first started being photographed in 2007. Because Google frequently updates its Street View images, for many roads, several past versions exists. Though it’s not available for everyone just yet, The Wire has compiled some really compelling before-and-after shots of Street View locations that look completely different than they did just a few years ago ... Discuss


According to this report, the “CEO-to-worker pay ratio” in the fast food industry now represents the greatest disparity in the entire U.S. economy at 1,000-1. As NPR notes, fast food CEOs compensations have quadrupled in the last 14 years, while most restaurant workers make just $9 per hour. Another recent report found that more than half of all fast food employees utilized, or have family members using, government assistance programs like food stamps. Last year, the CEOs of YUM! (which owns Taco Bell, KFC and Pizza Hut), McDonald’s and Chipotle combined to make more than $43 million ... Discuss


A few weeks back, fisherman Joey Polk caught an 805 lb. shark and threw it in the back of his truck, as is the style of the times. (Yes, this happened in Florida.) Polk was so excited about catching a record-setting shark that he decided to commemorate the catch by chopping it up and grilling it, which is too bad, because that's against the rules of the Land-Based Shark Fishing Association(?). It means Polk's catch won't be recorded for posterity, and the record holder will remain Earnie Polk—Joey's cousin. He caught a 725 lb. mako back in 2009 and, yes, he also ate his shark. But that was before the LBSFA's pesky rules about eating sharks went into effect ... Discuss


For nearly two years, the Sandwich Me restaurant in Chicago has produced zero waste. The slightly more than eight pounds of trash it did create during that time was given to an artist, who turned it into a sculpture. In this short video from NationSwell, owner Justin Vrany explains his passion for food and community, as well as, his unwavering dedication to sustainability ... Discuss


Georgia Governor Nathan Deal plans to sign a sweeping gun bill that would allow licensed gun owners to carry their firearms into a nearly unprecedented amount of public places, including bars, government buildings and a vast amount of public places. Churches in Georgia will be able to "opt-in" to the law if they want their parishioners to bring guns into the building, and bars will be required to "opt-out" if they want to prevent customers from carrying firearms. School districts will be allowed to appoint staff members to carry guns on campus, and any gun owner caught carrying a firearm at an airport security checkpoint will be allowed to keep his weapon with no penalty.

The bill has been met with some criticism, as Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police, Frank Rotondo told TIME: “Police officers do not want more people carrying guns on the street. Particularly police officers in inner city areas.” However, the bill's proponents say it simply reinforces the Second Amendment. As Georgia state Rep. Rick Jasperse says, “When we limit a Georgian’s ability to carry a weapon—to defend themselves—we’re empowering the bad guys" ... Discuss


The U.S. Supreme Court is about to weigh in on the Greece v. Galloway case, which will have huge ramifications for prayer at public meetings. The case involves an incident in Greece, New York, where elected officials regularly begin public meetings with prayer. Several members of the town said such prayers violate the Constitution, betraying a Christian bias. How the Court rules remains to be seen, but Fairleigh Dickinson University’s PublicMind has asked the people for their vote, and found that most Americans are OK with public prayer—as long as it's not religion-specific. According to the study, 73 percent of those polled said “prayer at public meetings is fine as long as the public officials are not favoring some beliefs over others.” In contrast, 23 percent said that “public meetings shouldn’t have any prayers at all because prayers by definition suggest one belief or another" ... Discuss