The team behind the upcoming sequel to the alien-invasion blockbuster Independence Day has just released yet another trailer, and this one is basically a five-minute version of the movie.

If you love giant explosions, alien warfare and Jeff Goldblum acting like Jeff Goldblum, then you will want to watch this trailer. Sure, the movie might not win any Oscars, but this new extended look sure is a lot of fun. Discuss

It’s been a crazy few days for Candace Payne. Last week, she became one of the most famous people on the Internet: Her Facebook Live video, which featured her uncontrollably laughing while wearing a Chewbacca mask, has been viewed more than 137 million times in the last five days. Since then, she’s done interviews around the world, and has officially become the creator of the most popular video on the Facebook Live platform.

This Sunday, she visited the Southwestern Assemblies of God University’s Regional Fine Arts event, and said she believes there is a bigger purpose to her unexpected fame. Payne, who is also a worship leader, told the crowd,

When I was 16, I had a vision and dream from the Lord about my future about being used for His glory. I didn’t understand the interpretation of it. I still, to this day, at 37 years old try to figure that dream out. That dream has never left my heart, nor my mind, nor the way that I walk and follow Jesus.

Payne, who is also a worship leader, spoke about the joy of finding the mask and posting the genuinely funny video, and how she hopes she can help others use their platform to bring people closer to God.

She told the congregation of young people to overcome their own creative restlessness by being willing to wait on God:

I know that God has gifted me in many different areas, and sometimes I wake up and feel like I’m a jack of many trades, and a master of none, because I have that creative buzz in me constantly going … [What] I would tell myself at your age is this:

It doesn't matter how talented, how anointed, how gifted, how passionate or how willing you are if you're not fit to do the things that God has called you to do. And that is spiritually fit. The thing that will take you further and further in the Kingdom of God is three things: Diligence. Be diligent in the work of the Lord.

Patience. Have those moments where you stop and wait upon the Lord. Don't rush into ministry or a good opportunity because it looks shiny. Wait for the voice of God to direct you.

And then the third thing, it's the biggest thing. If I could get to my 16-year-old self, is have obedience. When He tells you move, move."

The CEO of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Sue Desmond-Hellmann, penned a letter on her second anniversary with the company about the progress that's been made in fighting diseases and poverty around the world.

Desmond-Hellmann wrote specifically of the victories being made fighting tobacco usage and the deadly "sleeping sickness."

She writes of the "more than a billion people" who use tobacco around the world and the money and resources the Gates Foundation has invested in ending the tobacco epidemic in developing countries throughout Africa and Asia. She cites the Philippines and their work as a shining example: There, the Philippine government enacted the "Sin Tax Law," which increased taxes on tobacco, drastically reducing the number of smokers, increasing the money available in a household and allowing the Philippine Department of Health to extend their subsidized health insurance.

Another major breakthrough, was in the fight against "sleeping sickness," a tropical disease called Human African trypanosomiasis that spreads through tsetse flies and results in death almost 100 percent of the time, if left untreated.

Sleeping sickness is in the category of neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) that historically don't receive as much funding or attention. Desmond-Hellmann gave the example of Uganda, where there were 300 cases in 2006, 10 cases in 2013 and so far this year, only four.

Though the Gates Foundation has made major strides in some areas, Desmond-Hellmann said more work needs to be done in other areas, including the American education system. The letter though offers an encouraging look at the ambitions of the organization to tackling some of the world's biggest problems:

What if infectious diseases could no longer wreak havoc on poor communities? What if women and girls everywhere were empowered to transform their lives? What if all children–especially the poorest–had an equal opportunity to reach their full potential?

For more than 15 years, the Gates Foundation has been imagining what’s possible. Our belief that all lives have equal value guides everything we do to eradicate poverty and increase opportunity for the people we serve.

Why make new kids movies when there are so many great old ones just waiting to be remade? Taking cues from recent blockbusters like The Jungle Book, Alice in Wonderland and Maleficent, Disney is reimagining more of its classic animated films as live-action adventures. And now, they’ve given us a (very brief) look at their next one: Beauty and the Beast starring Emma Watson.

The teaser doesn’t offer much in terms of visuals, but it does seem to indicate that the movie will have a darker, slightly scarier tone than the cartoon you remember. The movie hits theaters next March. Discuss

The latest episode of the Bill Simmons Podcast had a somewhat unexpected guest: Scott Harrison. This week, Simmons—whose latest podcast series has been downloaded more than 50 million times since October—invited the founder of Charity: Water on for an hourlong interview to discuss his own story, and the work of Charity: Water. The non-profit helps to provide clean water to communities in need around the world.

Simmons, who famously left ESPN and Grantland to launch his own new website, podcast network and even an upcoming HBO TV show, is primarily known for hosting guests that discuss pop culture and sports. That’s partly why Harrison’s interview is so remarkable.

As he explains in the show’s opening, Simmons heard a moving presentation from Harrison, and immediately invited him on his podcast. Not only did Harrison talk about the incredible work that Charity: Water is doing across the globe, but he also discussed his own moving, personal story.

After years as a club promoter in New York obsessed with the trappings of nightlife, Harrison dramatically rediscovered his Christian faith, and decided to spend his life serving others. It’s an amazing story—and, even more amazing to hear it on a platform typically known for sports talk.

Back in 2012, Harrison explained to RELEVANT that though Charity: Water isn’t a faith-based organization, providing clean water to people in need should matter to everyone, including people of faith:

My theology around clean water is very simple: I believe that God does not want any women or children to die from drinking muddy water and that when a well is put in a village and a woman stops walking five hours a day, when a kid starts drinking clean water, God smiles, and that is bringing His Kingdom a little closer.


Get ready for a trip back to 16. Seven years and thousands of tears since their last album was released, Chris Carrabba’s Dashboard Confessional has released a new song. And, just in case you’re wondering, “May” sounds like the songs that made so many millennials—including Taylor Swift—such big fans during the band's early-2000s emo glory days.

The former Further Seems Forever frontman told EW that he’s been working on some new songs, and a new Dashboard Confessional album may even be in the works:

I don’t have any idea of a release date or a worry about one for that matter. But I’m really excited to be doing it because I don’t think it’s ever felt this much like the beginning again.