Volvo has created a new product called “Life Paint” which they hope will make cycling at night safer. The spray can be applied to clothing and objects, making them reflective in headlights at night, but invisible during the day. It’s literally, the greatest invention a cycling enthusiast could ask for ... Discuss

After months of uncertainty as to how consumers could possibly combine shopping for absurd gadgetry with air travel, our national nightmare has ended. A company called C&A Marketing has purchased SkyMall at a bankruptcy auction for $1.9 million and plans on trying to revive the catalog. The company’s executive vice president and co-owner Chaim Pikarski told, that their vision is to return SkyMall to its high-flying glory: "We'll look at the broader travel experience and see what we can inject. A lot of the products we source, design and sell are similar to what SkyMall does. We understand that business. We have many of these products." It’s time to put down your iPhones and stow your Kindles, America. Next time you fly, SkyMall may just be there waiting for you ... Discuss

Hollywood’s Biblical movie trend continues. According to a report in Deadline, actor Hugh Jackman has signed on to star in a new epic called Apostle Paul. The Wolverine star isn’t the only Hollywood A-lister involved with the New Testament project: Matt Damon and Ben Affleck are among the team producing the film. Though in a 2009 interview with Parade magazine Jackman said that he finds “evangelical church too, well, restrictive” and is a follower of the School of Practical Philosophy not traditional Christianity, he is familiar with the church. Jackman told the magazine that his father is a devout Christian who would take him to Billy Graham crusades frequently growing up. Not many details about Apostle Paul’s plot have been made available yet, but considering Paul’s story of radical conversion and the major role he played in the early church, filmmakers will have a lot to work with ... Discuss

When Jason Pavlige and James Hodges—police officers in Michigan—pulled over a family for a traffic violation, they decided to take a different route than just slapping the driver with a ticket. The report was called into the police when a woman was spotted holding a 10-month-old in her arms in the passenger seat instead of in a car seat. The officers talked to the family and found out they didn’t have enough money to buy a car seat, so Hodges left Pavlige with the family and went to buy one. Then they helped the family install the seat. “The father was, I think, almost in shock,” Hodges told Good Morning America. “They didn’t say much but were just very appreciative.” The incident happened back in February, but only came to light recently when a Walmart employee called the police station to share the story ... Discuss

Who needs new movie scripts when remaking old ones is so profitable? Following the success of new adaptations of classic children’s movies like Alice in Wonderland and Cinderella, Disney has announced that a live action remake of their late-‘90s hit Mulan is now in the works. The film joins big-budget, live action adaptations of The Jungle Book and Beauty and the Beast in the new-ish line-up of old Disney movies being remade for a fresh generation of parents to spend money taking their kids to see ... Discuss

Google is getting their April Fools Day festivities off to an early start by turning Google Map locations into Pac-Man levels. Just click on the Pac-Man icon in the bottom left corner and say goodbye to the rest of your afternoon ... Discuss