Shortly after news that Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's security cabinet had rejected Senator John Kerry's terms for a ceasefire, officials said Israel will observe a 12-hour unilateral ceasefire starting early Saturday morning. The terms of Kerry's truce deal were not immediately made clear, but Israel has said they will not agree to any terms for peace without significant modifications to the proposal. Hamas, in the meantime, has not responded to proposed ceasefire at all ... Discuss


Numerous reports are saying Marvel is in talks with Joaquin Phoenix to take the lead in their upcoming adaptation of Doctor Strange. Doctor Strange is one of Marvel's oldest and oddest heroes, a sorcerer whose adventures generally take place in the mystic realms.

Take the news with a grain of salt. Phoenix is notoriously choosey with his roles, and had tended to shy away from big budget pictures ever since Walk the Line back in 2005. And Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hardy have also been rumored for the role, so there are a lot of things up in the air. However, Doctor Strange is largely expected to be Marvel's big announcement at Comic-Con this week, so they're probably pushing to confirm a lead. Stay tuned ... Discuss


Whatever your take on Keith Olbermann, he is capable of some of the best, most clear-headed rants in the business. In this blistering, brutal takedown, Olbermann compares the NFL's offensively pathetic two game suspension of Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice for viciously assaulting his wife with its five-game suspension of the Dallas Cowboys's Albert Haynesworth for an on-field stomp. It's sexist, it's sickening and Olbermann handles it well. Take note, NFL ... Discuss


Josh Malone is the father of eight kids who love to play with water balloons during summers in Texas. And, like anyone who’s ever played with water balloons, he’s painfully aware of how long it takes to fill and tie them. Thankfully, Malone happens to be one of the great inventors of our time. His Bunch O Balloons—which has already raised more than $263,000 on Kickstarter—uses a special attachment that fills and ties (using an elastic o-ring) 37 balloons at once. The Bunch O Balloons is so effective, that it can fill 100 water balloons in a single minute. It’s a wondrous time to be alive ... Discuss


Two members of Australia’s Hockeyroos field hockey team got the souvenir of a lifetime at the Commonwealth Games, being held in Glasgow, Scotland, this week. The duo’s selfie was photobombed by non-other than Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. Sorry, everyone else on earth. These two won Twitter for the week …



Last night, nearly 10,000 Palestinian protestors demonstrated near an Israeli checkpoint in a rally that led to a violent confrontation with Israeli security forces. According to the Jerusalem Post, at least 200 of the protestors and 27 Israeli police officers were injured when some of the demonstrators began throwing rocks and firebombs. At least two Palestinians were killed. Israeli forces arrested 39 individuals involved in the riots.

The Palestinians had gathered to protest an Israeli offensive in Gaza against Hamas militants in a campaign that has stretched out for more than two weeks. According to the BBC, Since the latest round of violence between Israel and Hamas began on July 8, at least 800 Palestinians and 35 Israelis have been killed ... Discuss