A new study suggests that members of the millennial generation tend toward depression in their workplace more than than any previous generation.

From Mashable:

Millennials reported the highest rates of depression — approximately 1 in 5 millennials who sought out employee assistance or work-life advice from Bensinger, DuPont & Associates (BDA). In contrast, 16 percent of baby boomers and 16 percent Gen Xers reported depression. BDA collected data from employees seeking its EAP services over an 18-month period.

In the BDA report, “Depression and Work: The Impact of Depression on Different Generations of Employees, ” the organization’s chief operations officer, Marie Apke, says:

While major depression affects 10 percent of [American employees], an overwhelming 75 percent of people with depression don’t receive formal treatment. Depression costs the economy more than $23 billion annually due to absenteeism. While recent public health initiatives continue to enhance and expand our understanding of the social and economic costs of depression, it's clear more work is needed to combat depression in the workplace.

Qatar, host of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, is not doing enough to improve labor conditions for migrant workers, according to a report today from Amnesty International. In reaction, high-profile FIFA sponsors Adidas, Coca-Cola and Visa, are calling for the country to address these conditions, according to a USA TODAY article yesterday.

Amnesty International published a briefing, Promising little, delivering less: Qatar and migrant labour abuse ahead of the 2022 Football World Cup, that includes a rubric for rating the Qatar’s response to nine labour rights violations identified by the organization.

According to AI:
A year later, only limited progress has been achieved on five of these issues, in four areas the authorities have failed to make any improvements. ...

Over the last 12 months, little has changed in law, policy and practice for the more than 1.5 million migrant workers in Qatar who remain at the mercy of their sponsors and employers. On the crucial issues of the exit permit, the restriction on changing employers in Qatar’s kafala system, protection of domestic workers and the freedom to form or join trade union – there has been no progress whatsoever ...

Without prompt action, the pledges Qatar made last year are at serious risk of being dismissed as a mere public relations stunt to ensure the Gulf state can cling on to the 2022 World Cup.

Full text of Amnesty’s brief is available here. Discuss

On Monday, May 18, Ann Voskamp posted a continuation of her Into Iraq series to her blog, A Holy Experience. In it, she described the specifics of the horror experienced by women and children fleeing from ISIS that she witnessed on a recent trip to the area. She issued a call to action to donate to Preemptive Love Coalition, an organization founded by Jeremy Courtney. PLC is on the ground in Iraq and was originally created to provide surgeries to needy children in the area. But as the terror of ISIS steadily increases, they have expanded their mission to humanitarian relief. Voskamp set a goal of $120,000 for her readers and the post went viral. In three days, almost half a million dollars has been raised, with contributions still pouring in. Today at 12 pm CT, 1 pm ET, Jennie Allen will host a livestream conversation with Voskamp and Courtney. Tune in here…. Discuss

The A.V. Club asked Bela Fleck and Abigail Washburn to cover Europe’s glam rock classic “The Final Countdown,” and the results were expectedly great. Somewhere Gob Bluth is smiling ... Discuss

All domestic violence charges against NFL star Ray Rice have been dropped in an extremely rare deal. From ESPN:

The pretrial intervention program offered to Ray Rice in the assault case involving his wife was granted in less than 1 percent of all domestic violence assault cases from 2010-13 that were resolved, according to New Jersey Judiciary data obtained Friday by "Outside the Lines."

A security video from an Atlantic City casino showed Rice brutally punching out his then-fiancee and then dragging her unconscious body out of an elevator in February of last year. He was later charged with a count of simple assault and aggravated assault-bodily injury in the third degree causing bodily harm. The simple assault charge was dropped. Rice was recently granted “pretrial intervention” (PTI) even though the program—which lets defendants not be convicted if they take part in court-ordered requirements—is supposed to involve only non-violent, victimless crimes ... Discuss

Last night was David Letterman's big send off from The Late Show. Along with retrospectives from his decades as a late-night staple, the finale—of course—featured one last top 10 list. With the help of some of his very famous, funny friends, Letterman’s best long-running bit bowed out in style ...