They say breaking up is hard to do. It apparently is also not easy being green. That is, unless you’re Kermit the Frog. After announcing the demise of his relationship to Miss Piggy, our favorite felt amphibian was photographed with a new pork paramour, who sources say is named Denise. Could it be true? Has Kermit found love?

Not so fast, says the froggy frontman. Here’s his official statement on the matter:

So, no wedding bells as of yet. But the new series, The Muppets, which premieres Sept 22 on ABC, is certain to offer more information on Kermit's new relationship. Discuss

Last year, SXSW, the Austin festival/music conference, hosted a meeting of musical minds, as Spoon's Britt Daniel, Arcade Fire's Will Butler, and Superchunk's Mac McCaughan joined up during a panel to discuss songwriting. Each of music’s coolest dudes also performed during the hour-long event—as though simply hearing their thoughts on the creative process wasn’t enough. (Easter Egg for the super indie fans: Big Star’s Jody Stephens just “happens” to be in the audience, and joins in on the fun.) Check out footage from the full event below.


Hip-hop star T-Pain sang the National Anthem to open a Dodgers game this week—without the use of his signature Auto-Tune voice modulation—and the video serves as further evidence that T-Pain is actually an amazing singer. Watch the video below, and wonder why he’d ever use Auto-Tune in the first place. Discuss

Things got interesting on an episode of Real Time with Bill Maher this week, when Maher—who is an outspoken atheist—told GOP hopeful Rick Santorum—an outspoken Roman Catholic—“I like the Pope better than you do. You're saying the pope should stick to what he knows, and I find that ridiculous ... So much of religion is arrogance masquerading as humility. He’s the Vicar of Christ—your God. Shouldn’t you have the humility to say, ‘If the Pope thinks climate change is a problem, maybe I should?’” You can watch the exchange here, though it contains strong language.

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The Tonight Show recently hosted American student Anthony Sandler, one of three Americans who helped stop a suspected terrorist attack on a train in France. Sandler was traveling with two of his friends—who are both members of the American military—when a gunman began opening fire. Not only were they able to physically overtake the terrorist, who was also armed with a box cutter, the trio administered lifesaving medical assistance to one of the shooting victims. Discuss

A massive manhunt is underway in Illinois, where police are looking for three men suspected of being involved in the shooting death of Lt. Charles Joseph Gliniewicz. The officer was a married father of four who had served in law enforcement for three decades and was planning on retiring in the coming weeks. Schools across four districts have been closed as more than 100 officers look for his shooters, who they believed killed Gliniewicz after he chased several individuals while investigating suspicious activity. Discuss