Sure, it might have been a few weeks ago, but we can’t quite get over Yolanda Adams’ stunning performance on The Tonight Show. The Grammy winning Gospel singer performed “Victory.” It was such an emotive moment, even host Jimmy Fallon declared “I love you. I'm so happy you're here. ... This is going to be a game-changing moment! You're just so awesome.” Agreed, Jimmy. Totally agreed. Check out the moving clip below. Her album Becoming is out now.


The Ashley Madison hack will have a serious effect on churches. According to Ed Stetzer, as many as 400 pastors, deacons, elders and church staff members may resign this Sunday after their names surfaced on the list of users revealed in the Ashley Madison hack.

In a post on his Christianity Today blog, The Exchange, Stetzer said the number is based on “conversations with leaders from several denominations in the U.S. and Canada,” adding, “To be honest, the number of pastors and church leaders on Ashley Madison is much lower than the number of those looking to have an affair.” Along with being a contributing editor for CT, author and professor, Stetzer is the executive director of LifeWay Research, and a well-regarded expert on church leadership. He is also the executive editor of the Christian leadership publication Facts & Trends. All that to say, Stetzer is well-informed, and his number is likely accurate. Former social conservative lobbyist and Christian reality TV star Josh Duggar and Christian vlogger Sam Rader recently released their own statements, acknowledging that they were both users of the site, which facilitates adultery. Discuss

Last December, Coldplay frontman Chris Martin hinted that his band’s forthcoming album, A Head Full Of Dreams, might be their last. While we can’t definitively say for sure it will be (shout out to all the bands currently on the reunion phase of their career), it seems like new music from the group is imminent. First, in May the band issued a hand-written note, confirming the title and the fact they were in the studio. (Hard at work, one assumes.) Then, just this week, Rolling Stone, aka the great crystal ball of the music industry, has just listed the album among its “Must-Hear Fall Albums” for the fall. Surely that can only mean one thing. Brace yourself kids—emotive pop ballads are coming. Discuss

We’ve got some good news to report to anyone who loves freedom and shredding guitar solos: A court in Florida has dropped all charges against Lane Pittman, the man arrested for performing a sweet rendition of the "Star Spangled Banner" for a large crowd in Neptune Beach on July 4. Following his blistering piece of rock mastery, police swooped in and arrested the real-life guitar hero for disturbing the peace. In an interview on the RELEVANT Podcast shortly after his arrest, Pittman explained how the police actually gave him permission to shred before his performance, and he never intended to defy the law.

Like any great American, Pittman decided he could not stand for this blatant act of tyranny, and fought the charges. Well today, Pittman posted an update that our founding fathers would be proud to read:

ALL. GLORY. TO GOD. The State Attorney’s office has decided to drop all charges!!!! SO pumped!! Thank you for all the prayers, kind words, and thoughts!! It means the world!! I want to thank my attorney Caleb Rowland for all the work he did for me. Can’t even explain the way I’m feeling. God is so good!! #FREEDOM #letitringbaby #DTWD #notaconvict #TURNUP #justiceprevailed #hallelujah #igersjax #DUUUVAAALLL #faceoffreedom #redwhitenblue #13stars50bars #merica

Authorities in Austria found the bodies of up to 50 people in a the back of a large box truck that was left abandoned on a highway linking several European countries. The victims are believed to be migrants who may have suffocated. The driver of the truck—which had license plates from Hungary—was not found. The ongoing civil war in Syria has displaced millions, and many of the refugees have attempted to make it to safety in Europe by extremely dangerous means. Discuss

Indie rock band Destroyer’s video for Poison Season cut “Times Square” is a cartoon romp through the forest. Sure, the titular New York location makes a cameo, as does frontman Dan Bejar. But the real stars here are stop-motion creatures. Warning: their creepy cuteness might make you think twice before going out into the woods. Check out the Shayne Ehman directed clip below. Poison Season is out tomorrow on Merge Records.