Note to all selfie-takers: If you ever come across Megatron on the streets, do not attempt to take a selfie with him. You may get a similar lecture: “When will you learn that your status updates mean zero to nothing. To anyone. Ever! … Use your mind. Create new memories. Interact. Don’t just add it to a library of forgotten photographs.” For a robotic villain whose goal it is to enslave humanity, he sure does have some profound insight into social media culture ... Discuss

NBC has released this trailer for the upcoming (and final) season of Parks and Rec, which evidently, takes place in the year 2017—and a lot has changed. Along with technology like transparent tablets and drones, Pawnee appears to be a different place than we remember: Andy is a TV star; Tom is a business mogul; Gary/ Jerry/Larry now goes by Terry. It’s literally the most exciting thing we’ve seen in some time ... Discuss

This week marks the end of The Colbert Report, and our hearts are heavy. Colbert's winding down his run in top form (just check out this blistering performance he got from Kendrick Lamar on Tuesday) so it's time to turn our attention to his successor, The Daily Show's Larry Wilmore. The show is being called The Nightly Show and we don't know much more than that, but here's the first promo ... Discuss

Yesterday, Taliban gunmen ambushed a school in Peshawar, Pakistan, killing 145 people, 126 of whom were children. The awful details are emerging today, as Pakistan enters a three-day mourning period. The Taliban has said that they targeted the school because they wanted to stop the students from ever joining the Pakistani army and targeting militants.

Surviving students recounted the horrors of gunmen running through the hallways, shouting "God is great!" as they sprayed bullets and shouted instructions to each other about where children were hiding. Eventually, Pakistani soldiers reached the school and cornered the Taliban militants, who were eventually killed. It's unclear whether they were killed by the soldiers or took their own lives.

"Even the children are dying on the frontline in the war against terror," said Khawaja Asif, Pakistan's defense minister. "The smaller the coffin, the heavier it is to carry." As the government begins to hunt down those who planned the attack, they lifted the country's moratorium on the death penalty ... Discuss

The U.S. Navy has unveiled "Ghostswimmer," an underwater reconnaissance drone designed to look like a shark, because the U.S. Navy has a limitless budget, brilliant minds and the imagination of a 9-year-old. “GhostSwimmer will allow the Navy to have success during more types of missions while keeping divers and sailors safe,” said Michael Rufo, director of Boston Engineering’s Advanced System Group, which designed Ghostswimmer. Ghostswimmer is part of a project called Silent NEMO (yes, named after the movie), which is also working on a drone jellyfish. Whether these drone sea creatures work better than the military's actual militarized dolphins remains unclear. “Right now we’re using them for gathering environmental data. As the technology matures, we’re certainly going to use them for reconnaissance, and eventually, we’re going to weaponize them,” says Christopher Harmer, senior naval analyst with the Institute for the Study of War. “There isn’t any ground-breaking technology that the military hasn’t found some way to eventually weaponize" ... Discuss

Brad and Dallas Woodhouse are two pundits (one Democrat, one Republican—a house divided) who were going at it tooth-and-nail on C-SPAN when the host turned the show over to a live call-in guest, as the show regularly does. But "Joy from Down South" had a lot more than just politics on her mind when she rang on live TV. “Oh God, it’s Mom,” Dallas said, as he and his brother suddenly looked supremely sheepish and the whole thing became an instant classic of live television.

“You’re right, I’m from Down South,” she said. “And I’m your MOTHER.”

Joy should be America's mother, after the parental warnings she unleashes on her two boys, encouraging them to resolve whatever arguments they might have right now. “I’m hoping you’ll have some of this out of your system when you come here for Christmas," she says, sternly. "I would really like a peaceful Christmas." Let this be a lesson to her two boys and to all of us... Discuss