Ikea has announced a new line of furniture that will allow you to charge your phone without plugging it in, thanks to a partnership with the Wireless Power Consortium. The new Home Smart line of accessories—including items like bedside tables, coffee tables and lamps—will come equipped with wireless charging stations that will let you quickly charge Qi-compatible tablets and phones. Though not all major phones work with the charger technology, Ikea will be selling custom covers for iPhone and Samsung devices to make them chargeable with the Home Smart line ... Discuss

In 1997, Kelly Gissendaner killed her husband and was sentenced to death row. In the ensuing years, she has evidently experienced a radical life transformation, becoming a Christian and a pastor, and encouraging many women behind bars. Yet, despite testimonies from numerous character witnesses and pleas from her two children, Gissendaner's death sentence remains unchanged. She has been scheduled for execution on Monday night at 7 p.m. EST. The movement to stop her execution and commute her sentence to life in prison has garnered many prominent voices, and an online petition that has 65,000 signatures as of this writing ... Discuss

Southern Baptist Convention President Ronnie Floyd and 16 previous denomination presidents have sent a letter to President Barack Obama urging him to take action against ISIS. The letter comes on the heels of ISIS' video depicting the beheading of 21 Egyptian Christians, and a report that they've kidnapped hundreds more. “We humbly call upon you to use the influence and power of your distinguished office to take the necessary actions now in this urgent hour to bring an end to these human atrocities,” the letter stated.

All told, it's a good letter, respectful of the office of the President and humble in its tone. As RNS points out, the timing is a little off (in more ways than one: it was accidentally dated March 2, 2014.) But more to the point, President Obama has already submitted a draft of the Authorization for the Use of Military Force to Congress, where it has been met by a "lack of enthusiasm" among GOP Congressional leaders ... Discuss

Mumford and Sons announced their new album today and, as expected, it'll be a departure for the group. The album is called Wilder Mind, and it's going to be a plugged in affair, with none of the banjo bonanza and fiddle fire that made them a household name and sparked a deluge of what might be called the "Hey!"-Clap-"Woo!"-Stomp-"Oh!" bands. Evidently, while past Mumford projects have been almost entirely written by Marcus Mumford himself, this was a far more collaborative affair. “We felt that doing the same thing, or the same instrumentation again, just wasn’t for us,” Mumford explained to Rolling Stone.

It's a smart move for the band, which was getting very vocal about how tired it was of its trademark sound, but it's hard to say whether it's an improvement until we hear an actual single. But there's reason to be optimistic. The album was produced by James Ford, who's handled production for bands like Arctic Monkeys, Haim and Florence + the Machine. It'll release on May 4 ... Discuss

A would-be car thief in Ireland was foiled by a plan of his own making when the brick he tried to hurtle through a car window ... well, just watch and see for yourself. Better luck next time, car thieves ... Discuss

Taco Bell is once again proving that there is nothing humans can’t do. The masterminds behind drive-thru staples like Mexican Pizza and A.M. Crunchwrap breakfast quesadillas have combined Cap’n Crunch Berries cereal, donut holes and something called “milk icing” into one glorious creation. It’s yet another option for people looking to start their day off with a bad (but delicious) decision. The Cap'n Crunch Delights are currently being sold in Bakersfield, Calf., but from the looks of these pictures, there’s no reason to believe the sweet breakthroughs of confectionary science won’t be available nationwide in the near future. Whatta time to be alive ... Discuss